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A Tisket, A Tasket, Sweets in a Basket

Date: 2016-07-31 12:00:00 am

A Tisket, A Tasket, Sweets in a Basket


Harry and DavidHarry and David has been delighting customers for over 75 years with its delicious package of fruits and different sweet treats and a wide selection of tasty baked products. In this unique food shop, you will find gourmet gifts and exclusive treats for any occasion. Here, you can sample their tantalizing appetizers, gourmet relishes, specialty coffees, sauces and condiments. Harry and David also offers a wide variety of cheesecakes, gourmet chocolates, and their famous Moose Munch popcorn snacks.

Beautifully located at Tanger Blvd in Tanger Outlet Branson, Harry and David has been a longtime chain retailer creating gift baskets with fruit, chocolates, wine and other gourmet treats. This fantastic store has been crafting specialty gifts, gourmet food gifts, and fruit baskets to send to customers for decades. If you’re looking for a place that offers the highest quality gourmet food, luxury food gifts, and gift baskets delivered right to your home, Harry and David is the perfect store to shop.

The Homes brothers originally grew and made their specialty gifts right in their home in Southern Oregon. The two started it in 1934 with an orchard and that’s when they began sending their Royal Pears all across the country as gifts. That same year, the brothers made a sales trip to San Francisco and New York, visiting the leaders in the industry and offering their pears as the ideal business gift. It wasn’t long before the orders started to roll in. The company grew to become America’s first choice for fruit and food gifts.

Since then, the founders, Harry and David Homes added many more fruit baskets and gift boxes to their lineup. Each basket, box, and tower brims is beautifully crafted to be filled with gourmet food gifts made of premium ingredients. The gift boxes and baskets which are exclusively designed for Harry and David, are filled by hand with premium delights that are delivered to customers. With their success in providing special gifts, gourmet food gifts, fruit baskets, and gift towers to customers, Homes brothers still want to continue to develop new ways in capitalizing on the Harry & David brands.

In fact, the first gift tower was invented by David Homes in 1945. David thought that a whole stack of beautifully designed gift boxes filled with delicious treats and finished with a hand-tied bow was a fascinating way to deliver the gourmet food gifts. The gift towers offered at Harry and David continue to become the best sellers up to this day. The entire lineup of special gifts at the store will surely be appreciated by guests who are in search for ideal treat for every occasion.  This one-of-a-kind food shop offers many kinds of gift baskets, gift boxes, and gift towers for any size of your choice to make it easy for you that’s right for your needs.

David and Harry is proud to be one of the country’s earliest catalog mail order companies, earning a reputation for unmatched quality and customer service.

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