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A Tremendous Show You'll Never Forget

Date: 2018-03-27 12:00:00 am

A Tremendous Show You'll Never Forget


They Haygoods is one of the most popular Branson shows that features the music of the 60s and through the hits of today’s country, rock, and pop artists – all showcased in an electrifying rendition of melodious rhythm and sound that you will remember forever. The Haygoods band is formed by 5 brothers and 1 sister, namely, (Timothy, Patrick, Dominic, Michael, Matthew and Catherine). This group of six siblings will perform at its best to give you a great family entertainment. With their energetic choreography, innovative and amazing performances, you’ll surely enjoy the show playing over 20 different instruments.

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This family-friendly show is the longest running and most successful first generation show in Branson. This show features an unsurpassed combination of dance, music, and excitement that make it one of the best Branson shows. The Haygoods is the only show in Branson that comes out with all new show every season. This exuberant family show offers an amazing entertainment adventure that combined with musical magic, state of art special effects, great sound, and unstoppable energetic performances of talented members.
When the Haygoods siblings moved to Branson in 1993, they began performing daily shows at Silver Dollar City. Staying inside the theme park for eight years, it gave them the opportunity to perform six shows a day each week and provided music and dance lessons to interested participants. The perseverance of oldest brother Timothy resulted in the family show becoming the most successful and highest rated show in the history of Silver Dollar City. They have completed over 6,000 shows during their time at Silver Dollar City.
When they got a loan from Grandma and Grandpa Haygood, The Haygood brothers took a risk and opened their own show on the Branson Strip in 2001. The move from a theme park to town was more than a location change, the three oldest Haygoods also took creative and financial control of the show and began to make their mark on the show and music scene. The Haygoods became the youngest performing family in the history of Branson to ever open their own show on the 76 Strip.
After the Haygoods have performed a tough first season on the Strip, they had to make the decision to push ahead or to give up the music business. They chose to continue to make their show the most exciting on the Branson Strip. With Dominic as music director, they began to take classic songs and put their own musical inspiration on them. In 2009, the Haygoods created their first album with the hope of reaching a national audience. The album sold over 10,000 copies in its first two months of release and went on to sell over 100,000 copies without any radio support at all. In 2017, the Haygoods celebrated 25 years of performances in Branson.
As one of the most successful Branson shows, The Haygoods have been incredibly blessed by fans all over the world and continue their epic run of shows into the future. 



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