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All the Glitz and Glamour

Date: 2016-01-20 12:00:00 am

All the Glitz and Glamour


Grand Glitz Grand Glitz is a beautiful shopping place in Branson that offers up-scale fashion for glamorous women. Linda Tichenor purchased this fashion boutique in 2005 from Silver Dollar City and become a family run business with Linda’s daughter who is actively involved with the business. The family completely remodeled this unique shopping spot into an amazing and stylish fashion boutique that could easily meet all your fashion needs.

A second store was opened in 2011 in the Grand Village, a charming Victorian village that features a variety of unique shops. Located right on the 76 strip next to the Grand Palace, this Grand Glitz fashion boutique also carries a large selection of ladies clothing and footwear. The family also opened a Gift Shop in March 2012 in the Chateau on the Lake. This beautiful location overlooking majestic Table Rock Lake features a wide selection of fun gifts plus a complete line of Brighton.

Most of the fashionable items that you can find at Grand Glitz include jewelries, handbags, clothing, shoes and many more. Ladies and handbags always go together in any special occasion. Handbag shows your sense of style and you feel glamorous if you use handbag of distinction. Some great features of handbags at Grand Glitz include Anuschka, Brighton, and Mary Francis.

Most of the finest jewelries that you can find at Grand Glitz mostly come from Texas, New York and Israel. The earrings designed by Mary Ann Mulhern (MAM) are handcrafted in Texas. It is very light weight and available both in comfortable clip-on and pierced. You will also find fabulous jewelry, elegant watches, stunning eye-wear made in New  York by Jimmy Crystal, Jeff Lieb, Treska and others. Treska jewelry is designed with components coming from around the world.

You will also find at Grand Glitz the newest addition of fine jewelry with Mariana, Spirit of Design that is made in Israel. This fine jewelry is hand crafted and layered with 18 carat rose gold, antique gold or silver. Mariana offers a lifetime warranty. When your jewelry is broken, just bring it and they’ll send it to be repaired. Also featured in this glamorous fashion boutique is women’s clothing by Bali, Simon Chang, Adam Jacobs, Conrad C, Berek, Cartise, Clara S, Christine Alexander, Impulse, Terazzo Sweaters, Libra, Miss Nikky, Soft Works, Emma G, Ethyl and many more designers.

Glamorous women love to wear shoes. So Grand Glitz also carries a wide selection of shoes from the best selling ultra-comfortable Alegria and La Plume “Jen’’. Other popular brands also include Onex, Spring Footwear, Reiker, Yellow Box, Helen’s Heart, Naot, Propet, Aetrez, Kids and Ara. Onex is one of the best shoes in the boutique and Alegria Shoes keep you feeling great and looking good all day long. Alegria shoes have become the best selling comfort shoes of Grand Glitz. Check them and you’ll surely love them.

So, if you are looking for a boutique that exclusively offers fashionable items for glamorous women, visit Grand Glitz in Branson where shopping is unique.

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