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All the Sweet Stuffs in One Spot

Date: 2017-06-30 12:00:00 am

All the Sweet Stuffs in One Spot It’s Sugar candy store in Branson Landing is the place to visit if you want to satisfy all your sugar cravings. There’s only a few of Branson restaurants that offer all the sweet stuffs in one spot. For retro candy treats and novelty candy items, It’s Sugar is an exciting and interesting place to shop. If you need a unique gift for your special someone, It’s Sugar has it for you also. With their large variety of giant candy and gag gifts, you are sure to appreciate all the store has to offer.
This great candy store is a trendy sweets shop that surprises guests an unpredictable sense of wonder and excitement along with the sights, smells and especially the tastes of all your favorite treats. This candy store in Branson specializes in candy from chocolates to lollipops to mints to gummy bears and candy-inspired fashion apparel, accessories and novelty gift items. It’s Sugar is a great store for the stylish and young at heart and ultra chic that are looking for super sweet candy-adventure.
It’s Sugar candy store also offers innovative sweets, fun novelty gifts, and giant candy. If you want to shop novelty gifts from Hershey, shop online at As the world’s best candy store, It’s Sugar offers giant candy bars, vintage, retro, and novelty candy, and the very best chocolate and gummy candy. At It’ Sugar, you can buy in bulk and wholesale online direct from their discount bulk candy distribution center.
It’s Sugar don’t just sell candies, they have about 17 giant products for sale such as World’s Largest Box of Nerds Candy, Giant Box of Lemonade Wild Cherry/Strawberry Nerds, World’s Largest Box of Sugar Patch Kids, World’s Largest Box of Skittles, Giant Swedish Fish Gift Box, World’s Largest Box of Sour Patch Watermelon, It’s Sugar Freak Gummy Bears Giant Gift Box, and many more all priced at $22.99. Also available at It’s Sugar are World’s Largest 3lb Gummy Worm priced at $34.99, It’s Sugar 5lb Gummy Bear Keg now priced at $29.99, Giant Chupa Chups Solid Lollipop priced at $19.99 and Big Bag of Extra Long Twizzlers priced at $9.99 only.
If you are looking for real extra big item at It’s Sugar, don’t miss to hug It’s Sugar Giant 27lb Gummy Bear priced at $179.99 and Giant Gummy Party Python priced at $149.99. You can also find gift items at It’s Sugar such as Gummy Bear Don’t Care Tank Top for $19.99, Archer Gummy Bear and Scotch Tee Shirt for $19.99 and Rilakkuma Let’s Sleep Together Tee Shirt for $21.99. If you are looking for something to give to your girlfriend, grab Rilakkuma Tiger Eating Fish for $29.99, Rilakkuma Panda – Sleeping for $29.99, Rilakkuma Bear in Yellow Sleeping Bag for $26.99. And if you really want to take with you life size Rilakkuma, bring home the Mega Jumbo Rilakkuma priced at $1,300.00.
So, if you are looking for a place to satisfy all your sugar cravings, visit It’s Sugar candy store in Branson Landing. 



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