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An Educational Branson Hike for Kids

Date: 2020-03-13 12:00:00 am

An Educational Branson Hike for Kids


Taking out the kids for a hike at some of the trails in Branson will allow them to learn a lot of things about the beauty of nature especially during the autumn season.

Glade_Exploration_TrailBefore planning to spend an exciting outdoor fun in Branson with the kids through hiking in the Ozarks, you may need to bring essential things that are important such as bottled water for each person; sunscreen to put on to protect from sunlight; bug spray just in case the area is infested with mosquitoes; the best hiking boots; a smartphone to capture your memorable moments; and of course snacks, whether it’s a short hike or not.

Whatever trails in Branson you intend to hike, it will surely give you some educational experience as you will get to learn many things along the route. When you take a fascinating hiking activity with the kids during the autumn season, you will surely be delighted to see the spectacular autumn leaves that have transformed to luscious colors of red, orange, and yellow.

With the vast land of the Ozarks region that has about 200 miles of publicly accessible trails, you have ample options to enjoy a fantastic outdoor fun in Branson. Whether you want to enjoy a simple day hike or mountain bike ride or take a leisurely horseback ride adventure, the fun activity in Branson is endless.

The Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation Area offers some of the best outdoor venues where you and the kids can enjoy a great time the whole day for some walking, hiking, biking, or horseback riding. The Conservation Area provides kids great educational experience as they will learn many things that were immortalized in Harold Bell Wright’s famous book, Shepherd of the Hills which include Boulder Bald, Dewey Bald, The Signal Tree, and Little Pete’s Cave. The conservation area was donated by Paul Henning who is known as the creator of Petticoat Junction television series, Beverly Hillbillies, and Green Acres.

Your kids will get to learn many things in the area as it is home to five terrific trails that include Dewey Bald, Glade Exploration, Steamside, Shane’s Shortcut, and Homesteaders that course through the heavily-forested areas of the vast land. The Dewey Bald Trail can easily be seen upon reaching the parking lot of the conservation area, just off Highway 76. This is the first trail that hikers can easily see. Stretching only 0.4 miles in length, this paved uphill trail leads to a 40-foot observation tower which offers visitors a picturesque view of the beautiful landscape of Branson.

The Glade Exploration Trail provides kids educational experience when they get to see some flora and fauna, and a few scenic glades.  This trail stretches only 1.1 miles but if you pass by all the loops and the adjoining Homesteader’s Trail, its total length could reach 6 miles. The beautiful trail offers a spectacular landscape during the autumn season.

The Steamside Trail which stretches only 0.4 mile offers an easy and moderate trail to hike. The Shane’s Shortcut Trail which also has a length of 0.4 miles is a bit more difficult to hike. The longest and the most difficult to hike of all the five trails is the Homesteader’s Trail which stretches 3.4 miles with a hiking time of 3 hours.

Lakeside Forest Wilderness Area is another great hiking venue in the Ozarks where many visitors are sure to enjoy a fantastic outdoor fun in Branson. Located in the heart of Branson, the area offers a nature escape with 140 acres of wooded and rugged hill country and 5.3 miles of trails. Both visitors and locals can enjoy around the unique park with its two woodland trails that wind through the forest, along bluffs, and across glades. A set of 315 stone steps lead down toward Lake Taneycomo along a path that features a waterfall and cave.


The entrance to the area that features a large wooden log archway over an ornamental iron gate with a decorative native stone veneer welcomes visitors to the park. Other recent improvements include a nature playground and pavilion near the entrance. A covered porch swing that utilizes stone columns and rock from the original home site, established in 1911, can be found near a picnic area that provides beautiful views of Lake Taneycomo. This vast wilderness area is a great outdoor venue in Branson that covers 140 acres of wooded and rugged hill country as well as 5.3 miles of trails.

 This unique park in Branson features nine woodland trails that wind through the forest, along with bluffs and across glades, 338 stone steps laid by hand that weave down toward Lake Taneycomo, almost 2,000 feet of hand-built stone wells, and several caves leading to a grand waterfall. No matter how you have arrived at the area, the first thing you’re going to see is a large wooden log archway over an ornamental iron gate.

Dogwood Canyon and Nature Park is another fascinating park in Branson that is for kids to enjoy fantastic hiking activity as the park offers many things that can provide the kids with great educational experience. Covering 10,000 acres of pristine Ozark Mountain landscape, the park offers a one-of-a-kind experience for nature lovers and adventure seekers of all ages. The park is home to crystal-clear trout streams, cascading waterfalls, ancient burial caves, hand-built bridges, and bottomless pools. The park is great for hiking, biking, trout fishing, horseback riding, segway adventure tours, and more.

The park is also a great place to enjoy hiking on 6.5 miles of paved paths and 9 miles of trails with scenic views of Dogwood Canyon & Nature Park. You will find it exciting to spend the day walking through rock formations, waterfalls and plenty of fantastic sceneries with breathtaking views. If you’re an avid cyclist or casual bike rider, the park offers miles of paved paths with gentle slopes to ride through the scenic spots of the Ozarks. The park is also great for horseback riding which allows you to explore the Ozarks through the eyes of the early settlers.

So, if want to bring along your kids for an educational hike, be sure to take them to some of the best nature trails that will surely make them enjoy a fantastic outdoor fun in Branson.


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