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An Entertainingly Relaxing Cruise on Table Rock Lake

Date: 2019-04-17 12:00:00 am

An Entertainingly Relaxing Cruise on Table Rock Lake


While many vacationers coming to Branson have an extensive list of places to be visited, there’s always something special to enjoy in this favorite vacation spot in the Ozarks.

A magical evening of watching world-class entertainment shows or an entertainingly relaxing cruise on Table Rock Lake aboard the Showboat Branson Belle can turn your ordinary vacation into a night of romance. A relaxing river cruise with the beautiful boat will begin with the energetic emcee as he shares stories and interesting facts about the live entertainment you will see onboard and the Branson Belle itself as you start to enjoy your delicious meal.

After you have enjoyed the sumptuous three-course meal, you will have the chance to explore the riverboat and enjoy even more the fascinating sights of Table Rock Lake from the outer decks. Then, you can get back inside to enjoy a lively entertainment of music, dancing, and comedy. Showboat Branson Belle is one of the most visited attractions in Branson where guests are sure to enjoy the most entertaining way as the boat takes a relaxing cruise on Table Rock Lake.

attractions in BransonAs one of the most popular attractions in Branson, this fascinating paddle wheeler boat features two entertaining shows that are sure to amuse every guest on board. Guests aboard the Showboat are treated with two incredible shows that include “Celebrate” and “Country on the Lake” and a great tasting three-course meal served while you enjoy the show. Depending on the time of year you cruise, the Showboat is sure to offer a fantastic cruise experience.

The “Celebrate” show that you’re going to see onboard Showboat Branson Belle is a unique product that features Rhythm, the four-person dance troupe known as the ‘fastest feet west of the Mississippi,’ the powerhouse vocals of The Showmen, and Cassandre Faimon-Haygood, one of Branson’s premiere vocalists. The show is backed by a phenomenal live band, The Rockin’ Dockers and hosted by Christopher James, a comedian-magician extraordinaire. The show’s name couldn’t be described as a more exciting production; it indeed provides fun and excitement of lake cruising.

As you watch the “Celebrate” Show onboard the fascinating paddleboat, you’ll be delighted to hear songs sung by The ShowMen, the fantastic voice of Cassandre, and the excellent tap dancing of the Rhythm. Cassandre had her show in Branson, and she has voted the Best Female Vocalist in Town. After enjoying a satisfying three-course meal, you will find it even more entertaining if you go upstairs on the deck and see beautiful sceneries while you hear continuous music for almost 45 minutes. Then you can go back downstairs for the next production – a must-see show.

Country on the Lake is the other production show that’s great to enjoy also onboard the beautiful boat. This fantastic show features an incredible cast of up-and-coming country stars, each boasting an impressive list of great show performances. This show also features country music played on the radio, as well as chart-topping classic rock hits. The cast of the show includes Ali Antonetz, Santino Tomasetti, Brian Nolf, Kelsie Watts, Brendan Young, and Kelly White. The band members include pianist and bandleader Ricki Holmes, drummer Brian Duvall, guitarist Grand Moody, fiddle player Dean Church, and bassist Austin Wilson.

The Showboat Branson Belle also offers guest a lunch cruise which features “Made in The USA” show that gives honor to stars and stripes with the fantastic voices of the all-female quartet The ShowBelles along with Dean Church, a dynamic fiddler and Julie McClarey, a master pianist. Comedian and magician Christopher James hosts the show and supported by the showboat’s live band, The Castaways.

The Showboat Branson Belle has boutiques that offer unique onboard shopping. In the boutiques, you will find a wide variety of ladies’ apparel, accessories, jewelry, as well as inspirational home décor items at McAdoo’s Boatworks and you can find more at Layton’s Mercantile in the White River Landing after you have disembarked. Favorite treats like specialty coffee, candies, Silver Dollar City jams, butter, jellies, preserves and more can also be found onboard the showboat. You can also buy jackets, mugs, pens, spoons, and logo t-shirts and other collectible items such as nautical souvenirs.

Spring season is a great time to experience an entertainingly relaxing cruise with the Showboat Branson Belle at Table Rock Lake. As one of the most sought after attractions in Branson, the beautiful paddle boat that will take you on a fascinating cruise on Table Rock Lake, allows you to see many picturesque views along the lakeside.


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