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An Experience of Authentic Irish Tunes in Branson

Date: 2018-12-28 12:00:00 am

An Experience of Authentic Irish Tunes in Branson


If you’re planning to take a vacation in Branson during the holiday season, be sure to catch the Daniel O’Donnell Concert at the Welk Resort Theater. 

The holiday performance of Daniel O’Donnell is one of the best shows in Branson that give audiences the opportunity to watch authentic Irish tunes. You’ll be inspired as you hear his Irish favorites and country tunes as well as amazing Christmas classics. Daniel O’Donnell has been making headlines with his distinct voice for years in his native Ireland as well as in the United Kingdom and now breaking into the American music scene as well.

shows in BransonDaniel has come a long way since he first started his music career in 1982 and has achieved a tremendous level of success. He already made 18 albums that have reached to the US Billboard’s World Music Chart’s Top 20. He has also more than 40 Top Hit Albums and Singles to his name with many accolades too.

Daniel is now one of the most popular performers of traditional Irish music and provides his audience with an amazing bit of Ireland through his singing ability. During this show in Branson, you will be treated to Irish music along with some country tunes.

Daniel O’Donnell has an amazing repertoire and career to his name. Growing up in Kincasslagh, Ireland, he began singing in his church choir where he got his roots. He started stage performance with his older sister, Margaret and he went on to become a performer in his own right. In 1983, he started recording with four tracks such as ‘My Donegal Shore’, ‘Stand By Me’, ‘London Leaves’ and ‘Married By the Bible’.

From there, he went through several music career switches and even stopped singing, and when he returned, he performed at the Point in Dublin and his career blossomed again. Today, he is one of the most loved Irish performers.

During the show, you will be treated to a wide variety of Irish music as well as Christmas classics. Daniel delivers Irish favourites, but you’ll also enjoy so much more music. Early rock and roll, gospel hits, country music, and even pop music will be enjoyed throughout the show. However, the center piece of Daniel O’Donnel performance is truly the Christmas music that ensures the entire audience will have a memorable holiday celebration. With gorgeous stylings of Daniel O’Donnel during the show, you’ll be tempted to dance and sing along with your favorite Christmas carols. From Silent Night to Joy to the World and everything in between, you’re sure to enjoy the show.

Daniel O’Donnell 20 afternoon shows at the Welk Resort Theater, all at 2:00 pm promise to be the biggest Christmas shows in Branson since the passing of beloved crooner Andy Williams, who had his own theatre in the entertainment district where he staged a big Christmas production each year.

When you watch Daniel O’Donnel at the Welk Resort Theater, you will hear authentic Irish tunes as well as Christmas favorites and countless other festive songs.


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