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An Unforgettable Night with the Legends

Date: 2017-03-26 07:00:00 pm

An Unforgettable Night with the Legends


Branson showsHall of Fame Theatre at The Branson Mall is one of the best Branson shows as it features extraordinary talents including impersonator Bill Chrastil, who pays tribute to some of the greatest singers, including Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, Alabama, Conway Twitty, Elvis Presley and more. Beautifully located inside the Branson Mall, the Hall of Fame Theatre has welcomed tribute artists such as Tracy Lynn de Mille, KB Jacks and Bill Chrastil. De  Mille is well-known for her outstanding Patsy Cline tribute show that lasted fourteen years.

Visiting the Hall of Fame Theatre gives everyone the opportunity to explore Branson, as it is conveniently located on Highway 76, which is accessible to many of Branson’s exciting attractions. Located just within a mile from the theater, you will easily find Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Dinner & Show and the Hollywood Wax Museum. Other attractions that are near the theater include the Titanic Museum, and the Acrobats of China. You can also find many hotels nearby that offer convenient and luxurious accommodation while you are spending a wonderful vacation in Branson.

The tribute shows at the Hall of Fame Theatre are one of the most sought after Branson shows that offer fun for all of the family and some favorite shows to watch. As the theater is just around the area where shopping and dining places abound, it’s easy to enjoy shopping and fine dining before catching a show with one of the greatest musicians of all times. The performing artists for most of the tribute shows at Hall of Fame Theatre are hard at work with their impersonations making sure they portray their musicians exactly as they were performing during the height of their careers.

Branson Mall, on the other hand, is not only home to Hall of Fame Theatre that hosts tribute show, the mall also features the most award winning stage in Branson that astounds the audience with many incredible shows. Branson Mall also features shows such as “The Cat’s Pajamas” and other local bands that often grace the stage and entertain audiences with great music. Other popular shows that regularly perform in Branson Mall include the country music and songwriting legend Jim Owen, and the Fercos Brothers who titillate everyone with their scintillating songs.

What’s special with Branson Mall is the abundance of unique shops, fine restaurants, and entertaining shows. Many of the specialty stores inside the mall feature an array of fantastic shopping items from children’s clothes to ladies’ and men’s accessories and gift items to jewelries. If you want to shop for more, The Grand Village is another great place to shop in Branson where you can find fashionable clothing to books and toys, and hand-made jewelries to home decors. If you like works of art, you can find them at Thomas Kinkade’s Signature Art Gallery.

If you want to see some of the greatest singers like Elvis and Johnny Cash perform right in front of you through their impersonators, visit the Hall of Fame Theatre at The Branson Mall.

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