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Award-Winning Comedy and Sensational Music in One Show

Date: 2018-07-06 12:00:00 am

Award-Winning Comedy and Sensational Music in One Show


Pierce Arrow Show is an award-winning comedy and sensational music show in Branson that will wow audiences with the fascinating performance of the group along with the funniest comedian in Branson. Known as the “hottest show in Branson”, Pierce Arrow Quartet brings some of the most popular country songs from the traditional and classic country music to today’s modern hits. This sensational music show features amazing talents of some of the most impressive line-up of entertainers that share some of your favorite country songs from the classics to contemporary songs.
music show in BransonAn elaborate live show featuring multi-talented performers, the Pierce Arrow Show presents great performances from a cast of American Idol winners, Guinness Book of World Record for lowest bass singer performer, top Branson comedians, and many more as they perform on a moving stage with extravagant costumes, special effects, and state-of-the-art lightings. This show is sure to entertain audiences with the most high-energy and fast-paced acts. As one of the most attended shows in Branson, visitors will enjoy remarkable display of live music, fascinating vocalists, and great songs that audiences love to listen.
In addition to the favorite country songs that the group will perform on stage, you will also hear a selection of some of the most inspiring and soul-searching gospel music. The dynamic range of voices of the talented cast of the show allow the group to easily adjust to any style of music. Whether they’re performing a hit song from Statler Brothers or from the Oak Ridge Boys, their stunning acts are sure to capture the attention of everyone in the audience. This family-friendly production show is great for audiences of all ages and provides some of the most entertaining two-hour of fun music that you won’t want to miss on your next visit to Branson.
As one of Branson’s funniest comedians, Pierce Arrow Quartet features the most hilarious acts that can be seen on any of the world’s stages. These famous comedians perform live entertainment at its best. If you want to feel the utmost fun on stage, these artists will take you to the edge of your seat. With over 3 million tickets sold, the Pierce Arrow Quartet has become the hottest and most family-friendly show in Branson for over 15 years. This hilarious and energizing show utilizes awesome lighting and elaborate moving stage and amazing special effects.
The Pierce Arrow Quartet is composed of singing bass Dan Britton, singing baritone Scott Fraker, singing tenor Tony Turner, and singing lead vocalist Travis Sprat. Also included in the cast is Branson’s funniest comedian James Sibley, nationally known Comedian of the Year who has appeared on the well-known television show My Name Is Earl written by many skits for Saturday Night Live. This sensational singing group brings unique entertainment full of harmonies that give audiences a hilarious show that they’ll ever experience in Branson.   
So, if you want to be inspired by the hilarious comedy show in Branson, watch the new Pierce Arrow Show which features the Pierce Arrow Quartet. 



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