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Be the First At The Newest Branson Outdoor Attraction, The Runaway

Date: 2016-05-21 12:00:00 am

Be the First At The Newest Branson Outdoor Attraction, The Runaway


The RunawayThe Runaway coaster at Branson Mountain Adventure Park is the newest mountain attraction in Missouri and offers a package of adventure and fun for the whole family. The first mountain adventure will open in Branson this summer, The Runaway brings a unique ride experience like you’re riding in a stagecoach in the old west. Billed as a family attraction to be the first mountain coaster in the area, the $5 million “The Runaway” coaster and the park are beautifully located on a steep hillside at the former Butcher Holler property along Highway 165, just two miles from Highway 76.

According to a news release, the park will have additional attractions coming and just starting with the mountain coaster. Among the things that are planned for the future include ziplines, mountain Segways, and a treetop course. The Runaway coaster “uses gravity to wind the coaster down the mountain,” project manager Dan Ruda said in a report on News-Leader published in March. The coaster is one of the most talked about thrill rides in 2016 and the area’s new outdoor attraction, the Branson Mountain Adventure Park.

Being already popular in Europe, mountain coasters are starting to gain popularity in the United States. The Runaway coaster will feature more family friendly fun adventures in town with more turns, more twists, more zigzags, and more ups and downs. As the first mountain coaster in the area, The Runaway will race down the Ozark hillside weaving in and around trees and through beautiful landscapes leaving each rider enjoying an exhilarating ride experience as it travels at a speed of 30 mph.

The coaster carts are designed with cutting-edge safety systems that allow riders of all ages to sit comfortably, providing a more secure and relaxing ride experience. The coaster features an automatic speed restrictors that limit the top speed, giving guests an exciting ride, but safe while descending down the mountain. The mountain coaster is marketed by ADB (Aquatic Development Group, Inc.) with a patent-pending collision avoidance system that brings all the exhilaration of a rider-controlled coaster ride experience. The design of the seat belt of each cart ensures guests to have a comfortable seating, enduring those exhilarating high G-force turns.

The new 80-acre Branson Mountain Adventure Park is the first-of-its-kind outdoor attraction in the Ozarks. During its grand opening this coming July, the park will feature The Runaway Coaster with a superior design that offers riders a thrilling ride experience that winds down the mountain like no other. The coaster features an exclusive pre-fabricated modular track design that allows a fast and accurate installation and engineered to fit the exact topography of the mountain terrain. The coaster is built with state-of-the-art safety features providing a safer ride experience for all guests ensuring a thrilling coaster ride experience.

So, if you want to experience on the first and the newest mountain attraction in Missouri, take a thrilling ride with The Runaway coaster at Branson Mountain Adventure Park.

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