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Branson MO's 7 Best Outdoor Activities According to Tourists

Date: 2019-09-23 12:00:00 am

Branson MO's 7 Best Outdoor Activities According to Tourists


Branson is not only famous for its world-class live entertainment shows, but it is also a favorite vacation spot in the Ozarks where you can enjoy tons of outdoor activities. Tourists visiting this popular vacation destination in the Midwest come to enjoy great outdoor fun in Branson. Listed below are Branson’s 7 best tourist activities according to many tourists who have visited the place.

outdoor fun in Branson1. If you are looking for exciting outdoor fun in Branson, take a thrilling ride with The Runaway, a mountain coaster at Branson Mountain Adventure Park as it gives you the utmost fun, thrill and a great opportunity to enjoy beautiful natural scenery around the area. The mountain coasters that offer riders unique outdoor fun in Branson are now popular in Europe and continue to grow by leaps and bounds in the United States. This slow and leisurely uphill ride lets you see spectacular Ozark scenery up close, watch other riders on their descent before you reach the mountain top.

Once you reach the top of the mountain you will be released from the cable and the ride is in your hands. When you want to slow down the speed, pull the brake handles or push them forward to speed up. Your mountain coaster adventure is two adventures in one. You can choose to be a solo driver or a driver and a passenger to pick at the loading station where the expert attendant teaches you how to control your mountain coaster cart.

2. ATV Off-Road Adventures at Shepherd of the Hills offers one of the best outdoor activities in Branson. This off-road adventure with the ATV offers ride enthusiasts a unique way of experiencing the heart-pumping adventure through the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead. These beastly ATVs provide plenty of power which makes it easy to conquer off-road terrain. Whether you opt for the one hour or 90-minute adventure tour, you are bound to have an amazing time exploring the area.

This 177-acre property at the Shepherd of the Hills is part of the homestead’s mission to help families enjoy great outdoor fun in Branson. When you embark upon a thrilling journey on an Off-Road ATV Adventures, you can have the opportunity to see some of the best parts of the Ozarks. With the Ozarks as your backdrop, be sure the off-road adventure you choose meets your needs and get ready for this adrenaline-pumping activity. These ATV trails are expected to be one of the most popular of the several new attractions to the historic Shepherd of the Hills Homestead.

3. Branson Segway and Adventure Center also offer one of the best outdoor activities where tourists are sure to enjoy the exciting outdoor activity as it provides more than just fun when you take an adventure ride with the Segway personal transporter. The unique outdoor adventure that you can enjoy with the Segway allows you to see the magnificent surroundings. Segway personal transporter is a great way to experience a free-roaming adventure where you will enjoy a unique fun ride on a paved track.

Segway is a self-balancing motorized two-wheeler scooter that uses gyroscopes to remain upright which is controlled by the rider. Riders can lean backward, forwards and to the right and left using a thin handlebar that is attached to a pole. Whether you plan to host a get-together party, a reunion, or a birthday party at the center, you are sure to love the excitement and thrill of the Segway experience.

5. An exhilarating ride with Vigilante Extreme Ziprider at the Shepherd of the Hills is also one of the best outdoor activities that you will find it fascinating to enjoy great outdoor fun in Branson. Vigilante Ziprider is the longest zipline in Branson that offers an exciting and daring thrill ride with spectacular views of the Ozark mountains.  The starting launch of this thrilling zip line ride is on the open-air deck at the top of the Inspiration Tower. Once you are harnessed in a zip line, you will be whisked away on a downhill ride over the 160-acre homestead of the Shepherd of the Hills.

The Vigilante Ziprider offers four zip lines which all start at the top of the Inspiration Tower. As the zip line gets ready for launching, you will sit in a special carriage that resembles a car seat. The design of the carriage is adjustable to fit riders with weights from seventy-five pounds to two hundred seventy-five pounds.

outdoor fun in Branson6. Branson Scenic Railway offers one of the best outdoor activities in the Ozarks as this fantastic train journey allows you to see spectacular views around the Ozarks mountains and tons of scenic spots that you can pass by while you enjoy an exciting train ride of your life. This train travel is perfect for a family who wants to escape the busy life in the city. The routes are determined before every departure that either go south or north. The southern route can go as far as Arkansas and the northern route can go as far as Galena, Missouri.

The train tour excursion travels 3 to 4 times daily on a 40-mile round trip to the Ozark mountains, traversing mountainous areas that are inaccessible to cars. As the train travels, you’ll get to enjoy listening to the conductor telling an interesting story about the railway and the communities that the train passes by.

7. A visit to Silver Dollar City is a great way to enjoy family-friendly entertainment shows, thrilling rides, and many exciting outdoor activities. As the most visited tourist destination in Branson, Silver Dollar City theme park is home to six annual festivals, 40 entertaining shows, and 60 outlet shops and restaurants that make the place a fantastic vacation getaway for the whole family.

The exciting attractions and great entertainment shows at Silver Dollar City are the reasons why many people wanted to visit this famous theme park in Branson. This majestic Silver Dollar City theme park offers visitors of all ages from the middle of March to the end of December a variety of entertainment shows, six annual festivals, and many outdoor activities.

As the most visited tourist spot in the Midwest, Branson is also a favorite vacation destination as it features some of the best outdoor activities according to tourists.

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