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Branson's Hot Shows for Your Cold Winter Holiday

Date: 2020-02-03 12:00:00 am

Branson's Hot Shows for Your Cold Winter Holiday


The cold weather that everybody can experience during wintertime won’t stop you from seeing winter shows in Branson. With the mild temperature in Branson that you can feel even during the cold season, it allows you to enjoy many great things such as world-class entertainment shows, exciting attractions, shopping, and fine dining. So, don’t stay home and feel the winter blues. Come out and watch the Hot Shows in Branson so you can enjoy your cold winter holiday.

Grand Jubilee Show is one of the most-watched hot shows in Branson, which features powerful harmonies and dynamic performance of New South, Branson’s best quartet. From country and gospel songs to rock & roll favorites, the Grand Jubilee surpasses expectations of any age. This variety show features the best in classic and modern country music. With its scintillating musical contents, this dynamic show will put you to the edge of your seat as the energetic entertainers perform their best.

Comedy Jamboree Show is another hot show in Branson that you shouldn’t miss this season. As you watch this hilarious comedy show, you will surely appreciate the energetic performances of the funniest comedians in Branson. The Jamboree singers will rock you with kicking music and outstanding talents and fantastic showmanship.

From hilarious, clean comedy and floor-pounding dancing to today’s country hits and gospel songs, Comedy Jamboree is a must-see show. Some of the audience members will be asked to participate on stage, and some of them can become an instant star of the show.

Reza Edge of Illusion Magic ShowReza Edge of Illusion Magic Show is another must-watch show in Branson as it is full of magical illusions, tricks, and plenty of fantastic feats that will make your mouth agape with astonishment. Magician Reza delivers innovative, engaging, and spectacular performances worldwide. That helped him to be recognized as the most sought-after entertainer in the illusion industry. Reza will take you to new life experiences in the world of magic. With his magnetic stage presence, undeniable charm, and mind-blowing, a magical act, you will surely be impressed with his magic tricks.

Oak Ridge Boys is one of the hot shows in Branson that’s sure to astound audiences with its country hits, pop, and gospel songs. This singing group has already achieved five Grammys, numerous CMA, ACM, and Dove Awards, and an unbelievable number of hits that will make you decide to see the show again. Oak Ridge Boys will deliver their biggest songs, which include Elvira; Bobbie Sue; Make My Life with You; Touch a Hand, Make a Friend; American Made; (I’m Settin’) Fancy-Free; and It Takes a Little Rain (To Make Love Grow). This award-winning show is sure to capture everyone’s heart.

The Acrobats of China and the New Shanghai Circus is another hot show in Branson, where you’ll surely be impressed by the incredibly talented Chinese acrobats perform unbelievable stunts, graceful trapeze acts, and stunning aerial ballet routines. This circus show features a unique blend of festive costumes, mind-blowing acrobatic acts, and holiday music that is sure to give audiences an unforgettable show experience. Audiences are sure to be delighted with the death-defying stunts and acrobatic tricks.

Christmas on the Trail Chuckwagon Dinner Show at the Shepherd of the Hills is also one of the hot shows in Branson that you should not miss this season. This dinner show offers audiences a memorable holiday experience with a delicious chuckwagon dinner and great entertainment. You’ll become even more delighted if you take a 2.5-mile journey to Branson Christmas lights and down the Trail of Lights. You will finish off the evening with a warm cup of coffee, spiced cider, and hot chocolate. After this, you may decide to come up to the top deck of the Inspiration Tower and see the bird’s eye view of Branson at night.

The Petersen Family Bluegrass Band is also one of the hot shows in Branson, where you will surely be amused by the stage performers blending their voices and instruments. See Katie plays an incredible fiddle breaks and tunes while Ellen stimulates the band with her one-of-a-kind hot pink Hopkins banjo. You will also be impressed as Matthew plays rhythm guitar and bass along with his father. The sweetheart of the family, young Julianne, will capture the hearts of audiences with her solo vocals and fiddle tunes with her older sister. The mother, Karen, plays mandolin to the mix to complete the bluegrass sound.

With the mild weather that you can experience during the winter season, don’t miss the opportunity to watch hot shows in Branson as they can help you take away your winter blues.


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