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Branson's Inspiring 'Landmark on the Horizon'

Date: 2018-10-17 12:00:00 am

Branson's Inspiring 'Landmark on the Horizon'


Known by the locals and visitors alike as Branson’s ‘Landmark on the Horizon’, the Inspiration Tower is one of the most fascinating attractions in Branson that can easily be sighted from many locations throughout the city limits of Branson. This massive 230-foot-tall structure is beautifully located on the Inspiration Point at the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead. 
As you come up to the top deck of the Inspiration Tower, you can have the opportunity to see a spectacular and stunning 360-degree view of the Ozark Mountain. During daytime, this landmark on the horizon will let you enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Ozarks that go far beyond the Arkansas region.
attractions in BransonThe Inspiration Tower was constructed in 1989 in a 160-acre area in Branson during the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Harold Bell Wright’s famous book “Shepherd of the Hills”. This $1.5 million structure weighs three million pounds, contains over 92,000 pounds of structural steel, and can withstand a constant wind of 172 mph or gusts of up to 224 mph. 
The building of the tower has utilized 43 concrete trucks to fill the tower foundation and five miles’ worth of rebar weight 34.5 tons. The tower also used over 4,400 square feet of glass – enough to cover a third of a football field! Two glass elevators transport visitors to the spacious, enclosed observation deck.
This inspiring attraction in Branson will surely bring you home remarkable and unforgettable experience when you try to sit on top of the highest point of the tower.  The observation deck is the best feature of the Inspiration Tower where you can enjoy picturesque view of the beautiful natural sceneries around Branson. 
The tower was built as a memorial to Harold Bell Wright, a glorious tribute to the raw beauty of Ozark Mountain Country. If you want to buy some souvenir items, you can find a gift shop at the ground level that offers unique collectible items and tower themed souvenirs. A snack shop can also be found in the area.
As an inspiring ‘Landmark on the Horizon’, the Inspiration Tower is also a fascinating attraction in Branson where the Vigilante Extreme Ziprider launch its riders at the top of the tower. Vigilante Ziprider is the longest zipline in Branson that offers thrill riders an exciting and daring ride as they hover above the trees and see the beautiful horizon and spectacular views of the Ozark mountains. 
This thrilling zipline ride is launched on the open-air deck at the top of the Inspiration Tower. Once you are harnessed in a zipline, you will be whisked away on a downhill ride at a speed of 50 mph that stretches half a mile over the 160-acre homestead of the Shepherd of the Hills.
The Vigilante Ziprider hovers above two hundred foot drop and will let you feel an exhilarating ride experience as it swings above the trees. As the zipline thrusts you forward, you will find yourself flying like a bird over the treetops. While the cold wind whips your face, you will see below fascinating views of the natural scenery of the Ozarks including beautiful trails, barns, and occasional animals.
The Vigilante Ziprider offers four ziplines ideal for all ages which all start on the same launching area at the top of the Inspiration Tower. As the zipline gets ready for launching, the riders will sit in a special carriage that resembles a carseat. 
The design of the carriage is adjustable to fit riders with weights from seventy-five pounds to two hundred seventy-five pounds. The Vigilante Ziprider does not conduct orientation before the launching of the zipline. 
The trained attendant will simply strap the rider into a harness and when the launch pad gate opens the rider will start to fly. The patented Ziprider controls the speed and brake system of the zipline, which means that the riders will just have to relax and enjoy the ride. 
Unlike traditional ziplines, the Vigilante Extreme Ziprider is more than just a ride with comfortable sitting. With the traditional zipline, the harness that holds the rider has to be reset after every run. But with the patented retrieval system of the Ziprider, the seats are brought back up to the tower with the push of a button. This zipline has the highest starting point at 203 feet on top of the Inspiration Tower. 
attractions in BransonThe Outdoor Drama at the Shepherd of the Hills is another popular attraction in Branson that can be enjoyed near the Inspiration Tower. The setting of the Outdoor Drama is beautifully laid out in such a way that every audience enjoys a comfortable seat in the amphitheatre. 
The theater setting in the open field is huge and wide. The set of the show features open square dance floor, a small cabin, an antique gristmill, a steam engine replica, and more. The set also features entrances that will make you wonder where to enter to see the characters ride up and run out next. The drama is a re-enactment of the story in the book of Harold Bell Wright titled Shepherd of the Hills. 
The story will surprise you with many twists and turns and will leave you confused about the things to happen next. The drama is about the story of Dad Howitt, a newcomer to the Ozarks with a kind heart but with a troubled past. 
The native people in the Ozarks hills are deeply interconnected with the past and future life of Dad Howitt. Some of the natives in the Ozarks include Old Matt, a giant mountain man with sad memories; Sammy Lane, a beautiful backwood girl with the mind of a lady but with a spirit of a rebel; Little Pete, a boy with a surprising parentage; and many other folks in the hills.
The drama not only features actors and actresses, but also horses. Wash Gibbs, who is a troublemaker in the neighborhood will show a good impression as he rides on a big white horse (known as Egor around the barn). 
A horse with blue eyes, Ace, and Twister with a crooked ear, portray the play both as Baldknobber horses. A beautiful girl Sammy Lane makes a quite ride entrance on her white pony, Smokie. During intermission, you can have the chance to be a part of the show – Old Matt will invite some of the audience to come down on stage to join the party.
The Homestead Tour is another beautiful attraction in Branson that you can enjoy at the Shepherd of the Hills. This tour will let you experience to hop on a jeep-drawn tram for a guided tour in the homestead. 
On this tour, you can have the opportunity to visit the original home of the main character in the novel Shepherd of the Hills called Old Matt’s Cabin. This home still sets in the original location made of log cabin. During the tour, the visitors can have the chance to visit the Inspiration Point, a monument that marks the spot where author Harold Bell Wright camped while compiling the notes for his book. 
As Branson’s Inspiring ‘Landmark on the Horizon’, the Inspiration Tower at the Shepherd of the Hills is one of the most popular attractions in Branson where you can see spectacular views around the Ozark mountains.



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