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Branson's Limited Engagement - Grand Funk Railroad Live

Date: 2017-07-04 12:00:00 am

Branson's Limited Engagement - Grand Funk Railroad Live


branson showsGrand Funk Railroad Live is one of popular Branson shows that brings a multitude of other genres including latin, rock and country music. This musical group has began to become its own separate genre in the 1950s when the term ‘popular music’ used to describe this new eclectic sound that the masses patronized at the time. This limited engagement in Branson will be held on August 12, 2017 at The Mansion Theater at 1 Gretna Road, Branson, Missouri.
Pop music is often regarded by fans of original music styles as commercially focused and created to please the masses rather than as an expression of the artist. Big names in pop over the past decades have included the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Britney Spears. Rock and roll music that have developed in the 1950s and today is regarded as a subgenre of pop music due to its commercial success with the masses.
Exemplified by the presence of electric and bass guitars and drums, rock music is also influenced by many other genres such as country and blues music. From the 1970s on, rock music became the favored choice of the politically active and many subgenres developed including grunge rock, punk rock and in more recent years indie rock. Well-known artists of these musical styles include The Clash, Nirvana and Arcade Fire.
When Grand Funk Railroad burst onto the music scene in 1969 with their rock-solid debut On Time, they rapidly started turning heads and ears to their bare-boned, no-frills hard rock and roll. Those who turned their heads were not those of your local music critic, but rather your everyday rock fans. The tag of “people’s band” stuck for a reason: critics be damned and the fans loved them.  Both On Time and the simply titled Grand Funk were released in 1969 and both showed success, their debut hitting Top 30 and the sophomore just missing Top 10.
A few singles that were released failed to bring them to radio, but their reputation as a live act continued to grow. Closer to Home, the third album of Grand Funk Railroad, found the band finally hitting the Top 10 and going gold. That album also spawned the classic title song as a single, and it smashed into the Top 30 and has remained one of the band’s signature songs. It sold over a million copies in its first week of release.
Aside from Grand Funk Railroad’s capabilities as great performers, part of their rise to prominence was due to manager Terry Knight. Once a singer with the band, Knight had turned to management and was a ruthless force in getting his clients on the map. With the band’s reputation as a live attraction, it was decided to release a document of a Grand Funk concert.
So, if you like to hear pop, country and rock and roll music of the 50s, don’t miss Branson’s limited engagement of Grand Funk Railroad Live at The Mansion Theater in Branson.



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