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Branson's Must-See Autumn Events

Date: 2019-08-19 12:00:00 am

Branson's Must-See Autumn Events


Autumn in Branson is the best time to enjoy a fantastic family vacation in this favorite tourist spot in the Midwest as there are tons of awesome events happening during this time of year. Many vacationers choose to visit Branson as they find it exciting to see the spectacular autumn leaves. Listed below are Branson’s must-see autumn events that are sure to be enjoyed by every visitor.

Southern Gospel Picnic

autumn in BransonSouthern Gospel Picnic is a must-see autumn event in Branson which is celebrated at Silver Dollar City from August 22 to September 2, 2019. This awesome event features Gospel music along with picnic-style dinners. Presented by Humana, Southern Gospel Picnic features more than 70 different groups and performers, so, it’s no wonder that the event is called one of America’s Premiere Southern Gospel events.

This 12-day event is a good opportunity for you to see back-to-back concerts from chart-topping and award-winning artists like The Martins, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, The Hoppers, Triumphant Quartet, America’s Largest Hymn Sing, The Collingsworth Family, Legacy Five, Gold City, Jeff & Sheri Easter, The Isaacs, The Booth Brothers and many more of your favorite performers.

Southern Gospel Picnic Dinner on the Porch can be enjoyed also at Silver Dollar City. During the event, you hear great music and feast on a delicious meal with the exclusive Culinary & Craft School. Each evening, you can savor southern cooking at its finest at all-you-can-eat at The House of Chicken & Fixin’s.  Then you take a relaxing seat on the porch for a bird’s-eye view of an amazing concert in Echo Hollow.

National Harvest & Cowboy Festival

The National Harvest & Cowboy Festival is also a must-see autumn event in Branson celebrated from September 16 to October 31 at the scenic grounds of Silver Dollar City. During the festival, you will enjoy Bluegrass music and folk bands that play traditional tunes of the cowboy in olden days. Dancers and many other performers put on interpretative shows that evoke the pioneering spirit in the Ozarks. You will be seeing cooking workshops demonstrating Dutch oven recipes or cast-iron skillet. The charming village-like setting of the Silver Dollar City is just perfect to enjoy the season with the whole family.

Autumn in Branson is such an exciting season where you will see colorful autumn leaves in the surrounding Ozark mountains, making up the area with nature’s most vibrant hues. Such a magnificent view of the surroundings to enjoy with family or friends during autumn in Branson.

During the festival, don’t miss to try an exhilarating ride with the Fire-In-The-Hole with the kids that will ride through a dark Ozark night filled with mysterious sounds and mischievous deeds. When you have the chance to visit Grandfather’s Mansion, you will become baffled when you find your way through mystifying rooms with slanted floors,  mirrored walls, and dizzying effects.

This awesome event contributes to the great atmosphere of the National Harvest & Cowboy Festival at Silver Dollar City. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a stroll through the park as live bluegrass music is played while the smells of cooking fill the air.

Autumn Daze Craft Festival

The Autumn Daze Craft Festival at Silver Dollar City is another must-see autumn event in Branson that is celebrated each year on September 15 to 17. During the festival, you will see a great display of handmade crafts items that were made by more than 150 craftsmen and artisans. This is your chance to take advantage of the sidewalk sale in downtown Branson which is set to open from 9 am through 6 pm. Items on display during the festival are only handmade crafts made by resident craftsmen and artisans and no other factory produced items.

This awesome event celebrated during autumn in Branson allows every visitor to take a bit of Branson’s rich American history where crafters offer a wide selection of their homemade works of art and other unique and hard-to-find craft items. Many of these crafters offer a unique display of their creations. If you are lucky, you can watch some of them showing their techniques in creating their works in front of you such as pottery, crocheting, knitting, quilt making, hat making, vase making, glass blowing, and much more.

The things that you are going to enjoy during Autumn Daze Craft Festival at Silver Dollar City include the area’s exciting activities such as craft making a demonstration, feasting on great food, and enjoying awesome entertainment. This Branson’s must-see event is a grand community celebration that offers visitors from all ages unique works of art and great performances of local artists. This entertaining three-day event features attractions like concerts with popular performers, food booths, local crafters showcasing their unique works of art, a sidewalk sale, and celebrity autograph booths giving visitors a chance to take photos or purchase CDs.

Halloween in BransonHalloween in Branson

Halloween is one of the few events during autumn in Branson where many residents are excited to get ready for the festivity. Many of the folks are making busy in making decor items that will contribute to the theme of Halloween such as hanging “scary” objects. It’s common for many folks to bring in some pumpkins and carve faces in them. Some lightings are also installed to make the occasion more exciting.

Halloween in Branson is an awesome event that folks are excited to celebrate during autumn in Branson. Halloween is also a great time to enjoy the great outdoors where you will be able to see the delightful colors of the fall foliage around the Ozark Mountains. This is also the season where folks organize from spooky Halloween-themed events to corn mazes and hayrides. During the Halloween season, residents and visitors alike enjoy many family-friendly activities and a variety of Halloween party events.

Many areas in Branson will be transformed into a fantastic Boo-City where Halloween activities organized. The haunted tour is an activity that kids want to join. Many businesses host trick-or-treat activities where kids take advantage of filling their buckets.

When you are planning to spend a wonderful vacation during autumn in Branson, be sure to include in your itinerary these must-see autumn events.

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