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Bring Your Friends on a Winter Spelunking Adventure in Branson!

Date: 2020-01-27 12:00:00 am

Bring Your Friends on a Winter Spelunking Adventure in Branson!


Spelunking in the caves of the Ozarks is one of the most amazing things to do to experience the great winter outdoor fun in Branson.

Visiting a cave during wintertime will surely give you unforgettable memories that you will remember all your life. Touring the cave can be more fun as you will find it fascinating to explore the earth’s underground secrets.

Talking Rocks Cavern is a great place to enjoy winter outdoor fun in Branson as it will let you discover hidden secrets under the cave. You can find these caverns in the west of Branson in Stone County. It offers an exciting winter spelunking adventure, where you will walk down a series of steps and platforms going to the floor of the cave. As you are heading to the bottom of the cave, you will see features of “curtain” and the “bacon” formations. During heavy rains, the cave can become flooded. As the water seeps into the surface level, it acts as a drainage system and flows the waters into the river.

Talking Rocks CavernTalking Rock Caverns has excellent features of beautiful crystal formations that make this majestic place so fascinating to explore. The warm temperature of the cave creates spectacular cave formations as well as flowstone formations known as cave bacon and cave popcorn and soda straw formations. The straw formations on the ceiling of the cave are the stalactites. On the other hand, the ones formed on the ground are called stalagmites, which are both filled with calcium sulfate and calcium carbonate. As a tip, so you won’t get confused between stalactites and stalagmites: “Stalactites” has “C” that stands for ceiling and “stalagmites” has “G” that stands for ground.

The tour at the Talking Rocks Cavern includes exciting spelunking adventures such as mini-golf, gemstones mining or sluicing, speleo boxes, and edutainment. Mini-golf adventure is one of the most popular activities in the cave as it starts at the sinkhole and will follow through the mostly tree-shaded course to the 9th hole. With this golf adventure, you will learn some facts about sinking streams, groundwater, and many other exciting things. Gemstones mining or sluicing is another fun activity where you learn how to recognize semi-precious gems and minerals.

A tour to Marvel Cave allows you also to experience winter spelunking adventure in Branson. When you visit the cave, you need to get first a ticket at Silver Dollar City. The tour to the cave departs every 30 minutes, depending on the weather. Marvel Cave is a wet limestone cave that has formations that are still alive and growing. The cave tour starts by traveling 300 feet below the surface and enters the Cathedral Room. This awe-inspiring Cathedral Room is the largest cave entrance room in the United States. The pathway to the cave is built up of ramps and stairs. The tour takes 60 minutes, where you will be climbing around 600-step stairs most of the journey.

The cave tour has a trained cave guide who will be with you along your journey, giving you exciting and entertaining facts about the cave’s geography and history. The cave tour can be quite tiring. Visitors with heart or lung conditions, weak knees or ankles, or bad backs should consider their situation before taking the tour. A trained guide will help you on your journey and will answer any questions you have. After reaching nearly 500 feet below the surface, you’ll be amazed to see spectacular rock formations underneath the cave.

At Marvel Cave, you can join the Lantern Light Tour that allows you to explore the cave’s darkest and deepest secret. The tour will let you step back in time. It will make you experience Marvel Cave the way the early explorers did by using lanterns on going down to the cave and up to the surface. But this time, you will ride on a unique cable train to take you down and back to the surface. The cave guides are wearing in period costume, which delights guests with historical facts and little known stories during the nostalgic one and a half hour journey.

The Lantern Light Tour to Marvel Cave lets the guests see the Mammoth Room right next to the guest trail in the Cathedral Room. The attractions of this tour include the bat wall, the only known “Spanish ladder” left in the cave (circa 1541), and many other colorful stories.

Experience a unique winter outdoor fun in Branson! Have a fantastic spelunking adventure at Talking Rock Caverns and Marvel Cave.


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