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Can You Possibly Play Golf in a Farm?

Date: 2016-08-17 12:00:00 am

Can You Possibly Play Golf in a Farm?


Grand Country’s Farm Mini GolfAt the Grand Country’s Farm Mini Golf course, you can possibly play mini-golf in a farm. At Grand Country Resort, guests can experience as if they are back home on the farm while playing two different courses that feature life size whimsical and animated farm animals, water tower, a milk shed, ponds, horse barn, windmill, outhouse and a chicken coop. This outdoor mini-golf course will be brought to life with sensors by setting animations and sound effects throughout the game. Beautifully located at W. Hwy 76, Farm Mini-Golf is the newest themed mini-golf course in Branson.

This 36-hole farm mini-golf course features amateur and professional style holes in a farm themed setting complete with cows, pigs, horses, tractors and more. With the presence of animatronics, fire, lights and a challenging course, you are sure to make this farm mini-golf course in Branson your memorable mini-golf experience. This Grand Country Resort’s farm mini-golf course is the first course in Branson that features a championship-style course. Whether you are a neophyte or a pro mini-golfer, you putt into one of two cups which makes the course playable for beginners while a challenging game is created for the most advanced golfer. Guests are entertained at the resort by two different courses which feature playful cows and pigs.

The White River Black Light Mini-Golf Course is another great golf course at Grand Country Resort which features an interactive 3D course that will take you through the sights and sounds of the old river towns. In this Black Light Mini-Golf interactive course, you will get to experience riding riverboats, fishing, and kids painting on fences. This fascinating mini-golf course features state-of-the-art computer generated animations and special effects that can make this course “You have to see it to believe it.”

The Grand Country Resort also features indoor golf where families get to enjoy indoor mini-golf. It is named as one of the top 10 miniature golf courses in Branson by USA Today. This 36-hole mini-golf course provides fun and enjoyment for every member of the family from little children to grandparents. The course has a fun and challenging obstacles in a climate controlled area surrounded by rivers and waterfalls with a cool night setting.

The Laser Tag is another great game that you can experience at Grand Country Resort. Get ready with your phasers and fire it for the greatest laser tag competition that you will ever experience at Grand Country’s Fun Spot which is now home to the latest and greatest laser tag technology in Branson. In this game, you will be blown away by the fascinating sights, sounds and colors in the two-story, 3,000-square-foot laser tag arena. Make your way through fog, laser light shows and exotic surroundings and see who can score the most points.

So, if you want to play farm mini-golf or indoor mini-golf, visit the Grand Country Resort in Branson where you can have the possibility to play golf in a farm or in a climate controlled course.

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