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Cave Hopping in Branson

Date: 2016-01-11 12:00:00 am

Cave Hopping in Branson


cave hopping Whether you’re a neophyte spelunker, an experienced caver or simply looking for a little fun in outdoors  on your next vacation, you are sure to find a variety of caves in Branson where you can see natural wonders. Branson offers a caving experience that can tailor to every visitor who wants to do cave hopping in many cool caverns. Some of the popular caving options for your cave hopping adventure in Branson include its own unique look and geological wonders.

Talking Rocks Cavern is a beautiful cavern system located in Stone County (about 25-minute drive from Branson). The cavern has beautiful natural features of curtain and bacon formations. Talking Rocks Cavern offers tours with stairways built so tour participants can traverse the cave easier. Nestled in a 400-acre nature preserve, there’s more to explore on the premises. For t hose who do not want to exert a high level of physical energy will find the cavern the perfect cave to explore in Branson. The cavern is also ideal for those who have no interest in the art of caving who simply want to experience amazing spectacles. The tours in the cavern typically last around 50 minutes and available daily, except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Marvel Cave plays an important role for the construction of the Silver Dollar City. If not for the cave, Silver Dollar City might not have existed. In 1984, Marvel Cave became a tourist attraction and by 1960, it became a focal point of the first theme park in Branson. The deepest cave in Missouri can be explored in a 60-minute basic tour or a 90-minute lantern light tour once a day.  Marvel Cave tour includes a ticket to Silver Dollar City. Of all the interesting caves near Branson, Marvel Cave is the nearest to Branson downtown. If you want to visit Marvel Cave, also include a plan of exploring Silver Dollar City and its amazing cave.

Discovered by a curious dog in 1862, Fantastic Caverns has been giving fun and entertainment to explorers for over one and a half century. Guests travel through the caverns in comfortable jeep-drawn trams due to the fragility of the cave. The beautiful and enormous natural spectacles filled the cave with pearls, massive columns, flowstones, and more. The cave is a perfect place to bring the whole family while you’re visiting Branson. The only ride-through cave in America, it requires no walking and the cave’s temperature stays around 60 degrees Fahrenheit year-round.

Smallin Civil War Cave is another interesting cave in Branson that was first documented in the Ozarks. It was described and lauded by explorer Henry Rowe Schoolcraft in his 1818 journal. Smallin Civil War Cave was home to Osage Indians and the Cherokee tribe. Evidence showed that the cave was utilized by these people during the Civil War for war-related activities.

So, if you are looking for fun and excitement in outdoors on your next vacation in Branson, try a cave hopping activity where you can exert a little bit of adrenaline.

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