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Christmas Party Ideas for Small Group

Date: 2019-11-19 12:00:00 am

Christmas Party Ideas for Small Group


Looking for some Christmas party ideas to celebrate the occasion with a few members of the family this year?

If you are planning to host a party during your Christmas vacation, you should opt to stay at some of the comfiest log cabins in Branson this holiday season. Whether you want to have a small get-together with close family or throwing a large party, these Christmas party theme ideas will help you plan the perfect party inside your log cabin in Branson.

Christmas log cabinOrganize a Christmas movie party inside your cozy log cabin, celebrate the holidays with a party and enjoy the fun and excitement with all your favorite Christmas movies. Choose from a few different holiday movies and set up a screening area where you will play all the movies. But you won’t just let the movies continue playing, the party should be based on classic Christmas movies. One example is that you could have the famous hot cocoa from The Santa Claus movie or you could have one of Buddy the Elf’s favorite treats – maple syrup in the form of cookies or candy.

Another great party idea is to ask your guests to dress up as their favorite Christmas movie characters. It could be a classic cartoon character or it could be something funny like Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. When setting decorations, take ideas from the different movies that you are going to be playing during the party. You can have a small leg lamp if you are watching a Christmas story or replicate Santa’s workshop like the decoration of Buddy the Elf in the movie Elf.

Hawaiian Christmas Party is another party idea that you can organize inside your log cabin in Branson. You can do something this year a little different and have a Hawaiian Luau Christmas party. This kind of party is completely different than your normal winter Christmas party. For example, you can suggest your guests dress up in grass skirts over their clothes or even a fun Hawaiian Santa shirt. And don’t forget to adorn your guests with the leis when they get in.

Turn your party into a Luau with unique decorations such as leaves from coconut trees and vibrant Hawaiian flowers. You can play it up a bit and add some tropical Santa decorations. For the party menu, prepare traditional fare for a Hawaiian feast instead of your normal Christmas dinner menu. You can have bowls of tropical fruit along with tasty drinks from the tropical fruits.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas Party? This a unique party idea and if you are a fan of the Grinch, then throw a super fun party based off your one of your favorite holiday characters. You can do many kinds of cool things with a Grinch Christmas party. Of course, you’ll need to search about How The Grinch Stole Christmas Party decorations that may include some fun signs and banners. You can also print out a few signs with your favorite Grinch quotes.

If you want to go all out to make the party even more excited, make a part of the party room Whoville and the other half for Mount Crumpit where Mr. Grinch resides. For food ideas, you can serve Roast Beef and green cupcakes and some cookies with designs of a heart. All guests will love this type of party as it works great for a kid’s classroom party but also a get-together party with friends.

Black and White Christmas Party is a type of party idea that is a more sophisticated Christmas party theme for adults. The party doesn’t have to be super formal, but you can ask guests to dress semi-formal or at least business casual in all white and black. Along with this black and white apparel, you need to decorate the place with anything black and white and even give guests black and white Christmas party invitations.

branson-cabin-christmasFor food, you don’t have to stick with the color theme, but instead prepare a portion of food that is something classic like small appetizers along with some cocktails. This party theme is a more modern, grown-up approach to a Christmas party. It’s also a good idea to add a little glitter with some gold accents along with the white and black decorations.

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party is a unique party idea that is something opposite of the more formal black and white party. This ugly sweater party idea is great for your friends and family. If you have not attended before an ugly sweater party then you may be wondering what it is. Well, the basis behind this type of party is to simply wear any type of ugly Christmas sweater you can find in your closet. Most of the time the sweater doesn’t need to be taken seriously but instead, it can be any type of shirt or even dress.

A great idea for this type of party is to set up a photo booth area with props so the party guests can take some pictures to remember the fun party. As for decorating the place, you can decorate with anything but a fun idea with something retro like some red and green plaid.

Winter Wonderland Party is a party where most of the guests are excited to celebrate the holiday season with a winter wonderland themed Christmas party. When you attend this party, concentrate on sparkle and snowflakes. Consider Christmas decorations and think about some fun things that you have enjoyed during winters such as the freshly fallen white snow, hot chocolate, ice skating, and sparkling Christmas lights.

Hang paper snowflakes on the ceiling or string some white lights or even snowflake lights across the walls. Try to find a cool Christmas snowflake projector that you can use indoors to have swirling snowflakes on the walls. Stick with the holiday theme of white and some light blue and offer a fun punch cocktail along with some coconut balls for dessert. You can mix it up for the main meal with some wintertime appetizers or go with a baked fish and pasta.

With these Christmas party theme ideas that you can host inside your cozy log cabin in Branson, you can have a lot of fun with the family and friends.


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