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Christmas Starts in November at the Titanic Museum

Date: 2015-10-08 12:00:00 am

Christmas Starts in November at the Titanic Museum


The Titanic Museum is one of the most visited attractions in Branson which will begin to make Christmas decorations in November. When you visit the Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson, Missouri this time of year, you will be entertained by the 8 heroic musicians whose talents will help forget the sadness and sorrow of the dark night when RMS Titanic sank in 1912. On Friday night, November 27, the Titanic Museum will be illuminated by fifteen-hundred magical luminaries. The corner of Gretna Road and 76 Country Boulevard in Branson will have an exciting new, nighttime glow when the entrance of the Titanic Museum is lit with more than 1,500 enchanting festival lights to welcome visitors to the area and to give them the chance to have a photo opportunity to shoot memorable holiday photos.

Titanic Museum Christmas decorations Christmas and winter celebration in the Titanic Museum is magical inside and out during the holidays. The sounds, sights, and joyous celebration of the season in the Titanic Museum are sure to hail the arrival of Christmas 2015. Branson community will be joined by Titanic to kick off the Annual Ozark Mountain Christmas with the official lighting ceremonies. Every visitor to Branson at this time of year is invited to stop for Titanic’s holiday spirit.

The night sky above the Titanic Museum will be filled with a major fireworks show come November 27 to remember the passengers and crew members of the RMS Titanic who lost their lives during the tragic incident that happened 105 years ago. This will be the largest fireworks event on the Ozark Mountain since the grand opening of the Titanic Museum Attraction in 2010. Visitors will also be able to view Edwardian-period decorations, costumed merry-makers, and a magical Gift Shoppe brimming with Christmas decors and many one-of-a-kind gift items.

Your visit to the Titanic Museum will let you discover the stories of the passengers and crew who sailed the fated ship, as the interactive galleries bring them to life. Titanic is more than just a museum, it is a permanent, interactive attraction for all ages. This unique attraction in Branson is home to historical treasures and many priceless artifacts. The tour to the museum allows all visitors to walk through the Grand Staircase, beautiful hallways, first class staterooms, and 20 different public rooms.

The beautiful 18-foot Titanic Model displayed inside the museum is one of a kind scale model of the ship. You will also see a replica of the third class accommodation where you will learn what it was like to stay in third class, how many people shared in a room, and where the separate bathroom was located. Every visitor can have the chance to step into the Captain’s bridge and get the opportunity to learn how to send an SOS signal and see equipments such as the steering wheel, the compass, and the mapping table.

The Titanic Museum begins to make Christmas decorations in November as Branson community joins to kick off the Annual Ozark Mountain Christmas.

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