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Clay Cooper Theatre's 2019 Lineup

Date: 2019-07-16 12:00:00 am

Clay Cooper Theatre's 2019 Lineup


The Clay Cooper Theatre is one of the most famous theatres in Branson that offers excellent live entertainment of singing, dancing, comedy, and country music. With so many entertainment shows and other special events taking place throughout the year, you’re bound to enjoy a great time as the biggest stars in Branson perform on stage. The theatre’s  Lineup of shows this 2019 include Clay Cooper’s Country Express,  #1 Hits Of The '60s, The Haygoods, and The Shoji Tabuchi Show.

theatres in BransonAs one of the most visited theatres in Branson, Clay Cooper Theatre is proud to bring the fantastic performance of “Clay Cooper’s Country Express” that is surrounded by a cast and features his talented family and some of the best musicians, singers, and dancers you’ll find anywhere.

This fantastic show is filled with dazzling performances, incredible energy, side-splitting comedy, and loads of unique features. Led by the incomparable Cooper, you will see him perform country songs like nobody’s business; he will also sing your favorite rock and pop songs popularized by artists like Bruno Mars and the Doobie Brothers.

This dynamic show features a talented cast of performers including Cooper’s better half, the beautiful and graceful Tina Cooper. Tina is a brilliant dancer who also choreographs the show and leads the talented group of dancers, creating a stunning performance that makes a typical variety show. While the musical performance of Clay Cooper takes the spotlight, he is also joined by more than a dozen talented entertainers who share some of the magic you will witness throughout the two hours show. Music fans will find “Clay Cooper’s Country Express” as the most entertaining show to be presented in one of the best theatres in Branson.

The #1 Hits of the '60s (and 50's Too!) is one of the best shows not to be missed at the Clay Cooper Theatre in Branson. This show will deliver over 100 songs from the greatest artists of the '60s and '50s that include Elvis Presley, The Beach Boys, The Supremes, Paul Anka, Buddy Holly, Petula Clark, The Beatles, and the list goes on. What really distinguishes #1 Hits of the '60s (& '50s too) from other show is that each performer on stage is passionate about the fact that the unforgettable classic music and its connection to the audience are what makes the show so unique.

During the show, some of the audience asked: “How do you have all that energy on stage?” That’s easy to answer – it does not work, and we get to have fun and “go on vacation” with hundreds of visitors seeing our show each day. And the favorite part? That’s easy too – it’s that great moment in the lobby after the show when all the audiences exit is smiling and talking about all the unforgettable memories we brought back ... the best music of the ‘60s and ‘50s too.

The Haygoods at the Clay Cooper Theater is another favorite family entertainment show at its best that brings a fantastic array of musical styles, performed with more energy and excitement that you might haven't seen before. The group of six siblings, five brothers, and one sister formed the Haygoods band and will bring an all-new show to the Branson stage every year and offers world-class entertainment show with special effects.

With the Haygoods’ energetic choreography, incredible harmonies, innovative and amazing performances, you will surely be stunned with their amazing performances on over 20 different instruments. The music of the 60s and the hits of today’s country, rock, and pop artists create a fantastic show that you will remember forever.

The Shoji Tabuchi Show delivers a high caliber show in Branson unlike any other. To be presented at the Clay Cooper Theatre, one of the best theatres in Branson, you will find Shoji Tabuchi to be surprisingly humble, down-to-earth artist, with a keen sense of humor, and with a dazzling sense of style in handling exceptional skill on the violin.

Every member of the audience will always enjoy a wide variety of music styles that include everything from country to classical. Aided by the beautiful presentation of his wife Dorothy and the natural talent for entertaining of daughter Christina, Shoji has already performed many shows for more than three decades in Branson.

As one of the best theatres in Branson, Clay Cooper Theatre has this year’s Lineup of favorite shows with the biggest stars to entertain everyone in the audience with an excellent variety show of music, dancing, singing, hilarious comedy, and more.


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