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Common Golf Injuries and How to Prevent It

Date: 2018-06-25 12:00:00 am

Common Golf Injuries and How to Prevent It


Golf enthusiasts who are playing golf in Branson should know some tips on how to avoid golf related injuries. Whether you are a neophyte golfer or a seasoned golfer, as you likely know, you are prone to certain golf injuries of the muscles or joints. Such injuries are a result of the repetitive motions involved in each swing or a very slim incident on injuring a part of your body when hitting the ball. While golf isn’t a contact sport, there is still a risk of injury in playing the game. The best thing to avoid injury is to use proper form and technique. Below you will find some common injuries that afflict golfers and tips to prevent them.
Lower back pain is one of the most common injuries affecting golfers. The repeated swinging of the golf club, especially if the swing is incorrect, is one factor leading to lower back pain. The posture of the golfer over a club, particularly the putter, can also lead into creating back strain. When the body rotates during a swing, it can cause pulling on tendons and muscles in the back as well. Carrying your heavy golf clubs when playing golf in Branson can create wear and tear on your back. These common back issues range from muscle strain, irritated spinal joints and to slipped disc.
To prevent lower back pain, be sure you have proper mechanics in your golf swing. Getting advice from professional golfer will help equip you with swing fundamentals. By doing exercise and proper stretching, it can increase core strength and can help relieve lower back strain. When carrying your own bag make sure the straps are adjusted to the proper length that shouldn’t cause too much undue stress on yourself. If you feel some lower back pain, take these steps to alleviate the pain.
playing golf in BransonElbow pain (tendenitis) is also one of common golf injuries where golfers can experience a couple types of tendinitis in the elbow. Medial Epicondylitis or ‘Golfer’s Elbow,’ is inflammation and irritation to the inner tendons of the elbow. Golfer’s elbow is usually caused by striking the ground first on your golf swing.
Lateral epicondylitis or ‘Tennis Elbow,’ is irritation and inflammation of the outer tendons of the elbow. Tennis elbow is suspected to be caused by over-extension during your golf swing. The using of a forceful grip or being too ‘wristy’ can also cause inflammation.
Rest and ice can help treat ‘Golfer’s elbow’. If you use a strong grip on your club and experience elbow issues then you should loosen your grip. Using proper technique is a key to prevent golf related injuries. By consulting golf professional for a technique tune-up, you can prevent golf related injuries.
Make sure to stretch your wrist and arms before starting each round. Wear resistance bands to strengthen the muscle and elbow tendons, it will reduce the likelihood of getting tendinitis.
When playing golf in Branson, it’s important that golfers should learn some tips on how to prevent common golf injuries.



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