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Consistent Golf Swing: Is it Possible?

Date: 2018-12-31 12:00:00 am

Consistent Golf Swing: Is it Possible?


Have you experienced playing golf in Branson where for 12 holes you were on fire and then all of a sudden, your game fell apart and you crashed the last 6 holes although there’s a great round in sight?

playing golf in BransonIf this is happening to you too, then creating a consistent golf swing is probably at the top of your golf wish lists. The good news is it is possible you can achieve consistent golf swing. Below you will find important parts to developing a consistent golf swing and becoming a pure ball striker.

Why Do Most Golfers Shoot Inconsistent Scores?

It’s the number one question that’s flowing continuously into top golf website forums every day. “Why can’t I shoot consistent golf scores ... one week I shoot 85 and then the next it’s 97”! There’s a simple answer to this familiar question. When you start to play bad, what happens usually is you begin to make changes in your swing in a desperate attempt to find the solution to your poor golf. Unfortunately, this can only make things worse because most often the issue with your golf swing happens before you swing a golf club.

A Good Pre-Shot Routine Will Help Achieve Consistent Golf Swing

If you want to shoot consistent, you need to have a good pre-shot routine. A good pre-shot routine consists of a single or multiple set of internal or external movements that are unique to you and make you feel ‘I’m ready now’ and ready to play the golf shot. You could do anything from making a slow practice swing, humming a song, count to 3 ... it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you find one that works for you and stick to it no matter how good or bad you are playing.

Pre-swing is one of Keys to More Consistent Golf

Many golfers play inconsistent golf because of issues they might have pre-swing. For example, if you are not correctly balanced at set-up this will require one part of your body to make a compensation during your golf swing to counter-balance yourself. When that part or your body starts making that compensation, a second part needs to make a compensation to make up for the first one. It’s an unceasing cycle that results in multiple compensations which leads to poor, frustrating inconsistent golf.

Developing a Repeatable Golf Swing That Works

To play more consistent golf swing, you need a good consistent golf swing that repeats shot after shot. This is easier said than done. This is achievable if you learn to swing the golf club the right way and more importantly the most efficient way. This is a golf swing that uses predominantly the big muscles and executes a swing that generates power with little effort.

If you are playing golf in Branson, you’ll get to know that it is possible to have a consistent golf swing when you read these important parts to developing a consistent golf swing.


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