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Country Music at its Best

Date: 2017-12-14 12:00:00 am

Country Music at its Best


country music show in BransonThe Down Home Country Show at Grand Country Music Hall will bring the best of country music show in Branson at 10:00 am daily from September through December. With close to 1,000 performances held each year at Grand Country Music Hall, you will be seeing quality entertainment from Country to Gospel, Rock to Pop, Dogs to Cats, and Knee-slappin’ Comedy to World-Class Juggling. The Down Home Country Show is a show in Branson where you can hear traditional country music. You literally step back in time as you hear the incredible cast of singers perform classic songs of George Jones, Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard, Gene Watson and many more.
The Down Home Country Show brings to Branson stage the best of Classic Country, Western Swing and Gospel music. The show brings to life the music you will remember all your life. You’ll enjoy the songs that made you fall in love with Country Music. This country music show in Branson features performers “Entertainer of the Year”, Jamie Haage, and “Fiddle of the Year”, Melody Hart. Also performing in the show is “Comedian of the Year”, Jarrett Dougherty, including all of his crazy characters, will give you a mixture of laughter and tears.
As you watch the show, you’re sure to enjoy the variety of dynamic singing, side-splitting comedy, barn-burning bluegrass, music, powerful gospel, and down-home fun. If you want to hear your favorite song, you can request from the gang. Featuring clean comedy and a whole lot of country charm, this is a show that you can’t find anywhere else. Voted “Best in Classic in Branson”, Down Home Country can make your music trip to Branson a memorable one.
Down Home Country Show in Branson is not just about country music, these talented singers and pickers give you a taste of bluegrass, gospel music, and western swing as well. Traditional country tunes are the centerpiece of the show. It features songs from big time artists like Waylon Jennings, George Jones, and Hank Williams. Backed by a real live band, the show makes all the difference when it comes to putting on a fascinating Branson show. The gifted and talented singer and fiddle player, along with the Grand Band, an amazing line-up of songs, and these accomplished artists have an extensive catalogue of music at their fingertips.
Down Home Country Show features a mixing of all the best and energetic genres, all expertly performed in one show at Grand Country Music Hall. The dynamic music and comedy makes for an extremely memorable addition to any vacation in Branson. If you’ve ever wished to watch country music in Branson at its best, but never got the chance, this is the show for you. You’ll hear all your favorite songs performed just the way they were, extending gratitude to their music fans that helped make them famous.
Down Home Country Show is an ultimate country music show in Branson that brings the best of Classic Country, Western Swing and Gospel music.



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