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Delicious Ice Cream for Just a Dollar!

Date: 2016-09-28 12:00:00 am

Delicious Ice Cream for Just a Dollar!


$1 ice creamAbby’s Tourist Trap is one of the most unique restaurants in Branson where you can taste a delicious ice cream for just a dollar. Conveniently located adjacent to The Dutton Family Theater at 3452 West 76 Country Blvd, this delightful and inviting ice cream shop is operated by Abigail, the youngest Dutton daughter. As home of $1 ice cream in Branson, Abby’s Tourist Trap is a fun treat shop that features 100% dairy ice cream, delicious cookies, hot coffee, and a variety of flavors of fudge. This ice cream parlor also has an extensive gift shop, so don’t miss to shop around while you’re in Branson.

This 2,600 sq ft establishment features the largest selection of Branson souvenirs anywhere. You will also find a selection of gifts for any age, from children to grandparents. You will also find many interesting items in the gift shop that you just can’t resist for yourself. After browsing through the gift shop you will come to see the refreshment counter and two large dining areas which can accommodate up to 50 people each for group catered meals. These dining areas are also open to the public when they are not in use by groups.

Many of the local residents and visitors alike love to drop at Abby’s Tourist Trap for fudge, ice cream, or coffee, and to relax and chat with friends. The place has a relaxing atmosphere that can be enjoyed on the covered outdoor tables in front of the restaurant. This ice cream shop has already become popular for its soft service ice cream. The Trap serves 100% dairy product with no artificial sweeteners that guests raved about the consistency of its taste.

To make the most of your stay at the Trap, try their new Flavor Burst that is uniquely swirled throughout the delicious ice cream and their most popular choice, the butter pecan swirl. Don’t miss also to try the delicious taste of their Famous Dutton Fudge, guaranteed the best fudge with the largest selection at the best price of any fudge in Branson. Also try other delicious items such as fresh baked cookies, coffee, juices, soda, and wonderful root beer floats.

What’s unique with Abby’s Tourist Trap is the chance for a group to make arrangements with any catering company of their choice and use the dining areas of Abby’s Tourist Trap that seat 50 or the conference room which seats 100 in The Dutton Inn for only $50 charge. If you spare $2 for a special treat of $1 ice cream cup and a $1 cobbler at Abby’s Tourist Trap, you can really get your belly full, plus a fantastic show. The Trap serves excellent food at very reasonable prices. If you stay at the neighboring Dutton Inn, you’ll receive a voucher to spend at the Trap.

So, the next time you visit Branson, don’t miss to stop by Abby’s Tourist Trap where you’ll get to enjoy a delicious ice cream for just a dollar.

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