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Don’t Miss the Fun of Winter Scavenger Hunt!

Date: 2015-12-25 12:00:00 am

Don’t Miss the Fun of Winter Scavenger Hunt!


Winter Scavenger HuntWinter scavenger hunt is a great outdoor fun activity to do with your children this winter season. At the start of the cold season there are so many things to explore the natural world where you see many kinds of animals looking for nuts and berries to eat and collect in preparation for hibernation. Some of the most enjoyable family activities during cold season include playing games in outdoors such as winter scavenger hunt. This exciting family game involves a series of scavenging hunt activities where members of the family will compete to see who could find the most items on the hunt lists.

A winter scavenger hunt activity starts with a good idea of things to be hunted in a great location. Scavenging hunt during winter is an exciting family activity because it doesn’t need to be expensive and can be done at almost no cost while building an amazing family memories. The idea of this outdoor game is to create a list of things that members need to find anything such as personal things like comb, pen, nail cutter, etc. The one who finds first the things that are assigned to him is the winner.

If you need to start some winter scavenger hunt activities on cold days, here are some ideas that are great for kids and are also fun to do with friends. With the winter scavenger hunt, you need to make a list of items relating to the winter season and have players find all of them. To start this kind of scavenger hunt activity during winter, freeze down as many ice cubes as you can make – you may need to start making these ice cubes a few days in advance. Add food coloring to each cube and make the same number of cubes for each color. Once they are ready, find a place to hide the ice cubes in trunks, grasses, branches, stems, twigs or in any place you can think of. Now, allocate colors to each player (at least three) that they have to find, and send them off to search for it. The winner is the person who finds first the all of the colored ice cubes that are allocated to him.

Another great idea for family scavenger hunt that work for all ages is the Nature Scavenger Hunt. This scavenger hunt activity maybe a little difficult for family with small children, but even when little kids are involved, this game can be a great fun for the whole family.  To start a Nature Scavenger Hunt, it’s a good idea to do it in a large park with your family and list the things that each team should collect. These things may include a bird feather, a yellow flower, an acorn, a red leaf, a fresh fruit, and so forth. Even a preschooler can join in this kind of scavenger hunt.   

So, if you want to enjoy the most fun game in the outdoors during winter season, try the scavenger hunt activity where snow makes the hunting more challenging.


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