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Enjoy the Beauty of Spring via an Off-Road Adventure

Date: 2018-02-20 12:00:00 am

Enjoy the Beauty of Spring via an Off-Road Adventure


Enjoy the Beauty of Spring via an Off-Road Adventure

The Ozark Off Road ATV Adventures at the Shepherd of the Hills is one of the attractions in Branson where you can experience the thrill of driving an ATV on rough terrains.

attractions in BransonThis thrilling off-road adventure is a great way to see the beauty of Branson as you take a fascinating ride with the CanCam Commanders and Cancam Mavericks which have the most technologically advanced UTV’s the world has ever known. With the rolling hills of the Ozark mountains as your backdrop, the guided off-road adventure tour will make you enjoy pure adrenaline. This excursion will let you see some of the best parts of the Ozarks while embarking upon a thrilling off-road adventure.

The 177-acre property at the Shepherd of the Hills is now home to ATV trails where guests can have the opportunity to ride over the bumpy terrain of the Ozark mountains.  This property is part of the homestead’s mission to help families enjoy great outdoor fun in Branson. When you embark upon a thrilling journey on the Ozark Off Road ATV Adventures, you can see the beautiful landscape as it turns green in spring. As you start the trip, you’ll follow along after your skilled and knowledgeable guide while you whiz past the lush forests of the Ozarks area.

As one of the fascinating attractions in Branson, the Ozark Off Road ATV Adventures offer a 1-hour excursion that includes orientation and instruction on how to operate the ATV/UTV’s off-road before heading off to the trails of the Shepherd of the Hills for approximately 30 minutes of adventures to the woods.

A 1.5-hour excursion is also offered for those who are looking for more action. Just like the 1-hour excursion, this off-roading adventure will start with some orientation and instruction how to operate the ATV/UTV’s on the trail for approximately 1 hour of backwoods adventure.  You will be guided as you drive your own UTV through the Shepherd of the Hills trails.

Each UTV can hold four passengers including the driver. Weight limit for ATV riders is 300 lbs with a total weight limit of 900 lbs. per ATV. Riders are advised to arrive 30 minutes before departure time to allow time on filling out paperwork. The ATVs that you’re going to ride through the woods are beasts and have plenty of power that makes it easy to conquer off-road terrain.

Whatever excursion you choose, whether it’s a one hour or 90-minute tour, you are bound to experience a great time exploring the area. With this fantastic adventure, you’re sure to enjoy a thrilling experience of kicking up dust along the dirt pathways of the Ozarks, so you can get dirty at times while enjoying the fun of the great outdoors.

As you spend a great time in this amazing attraction in Branson, you’ll experience a fascinating journey through the trails of the Shepherd of the Hills, giving you the chance to see hills up close and get closer to nature on one of the ATVs.


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