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Enjoy the Early Winter Wonderland at Branson Landing

Date: 2019-10-25 12:00:00 am

Enjoy the Early Winter Wonderland at Branson Landing


The first week of November is a time where many people want to start early Christmas shopping in Branson especially at Branson Landing’s Winter Wonderland.

Branson winter wonderlandingBranson Landing is a great shopping paradise in the Ozarks that offers a wide variety of retailers and specialty shops. From the first day of November all throughout Christmas Eve, Branson Landing shopping mall is transformed into Winter WonderLanding. Winter in Branson is a wonderful time for many people because this is the best time for them to enjoy Christmas shopping at Branson Landing.

The Early Winter Wonderland at Branson Landing kicks off each year and feature the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” Parade. Most of the stores at the landing during this time have already done their holiday decorations. Visitors will find it fantastic once they see many dazzling lights that reflect on the surface of the lake.

If you walk around the Branson Landing promenade during winter in Branson, you’re sure to be delighted with the fifty-foot-tall Christmas tree. Every visitor can have the opportunity to see Santa Claus in the treehouse. You can snap a picture with the background of the jolly bearded man.

After you have enjoyed a great time seeing Santa Claus on the promenade of Branson Landing, don’t miss to watch musical performances, parades, and special food displays that are sure to give you wholesome fun and excitement. As you stroll with the kids around the promenade, you’re sure to be delighted with the holiday decorations and the spectacular Fountain Show. This choreographed fountain show features shooting geysers of water, balls of fire, and amazing lighting effects that dance to the tunes of selected holiday songs.

When you visit Branson Landing’s Winter WonderLanding, you’re sure to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience that you’ll remember forever. Once you entered the promenade, you’ll be welcomed by the iconic silver reindeer sculptures at the entrance in Town Square.

Here you’ll enjoy the highlight of the event “Most Wonderful Time of Year” holiday parade. Dedicated to “Mr. Christmas” Andy Williams, the parade will include fantastic live performances by world-class Branson entertainers on the main stage in front of the fountains. The fountains come alive and dance to a variety of holiday tunes every 15 minutes.

Branson Landing is such a great place to enjoy winter in Branson as this popular shopping destination in the Ozarks offers a variety of retail shops and dining options. With over 90 shops and restaurants open for Christmas, Branson Landing also features “Walking in a winter wonderland” theme which is a wonderful activity for you and your family. The area will have a variety of holiday promotions, “Black Friday” sales, and a Thanksgiving morning “Turkey Trot” is also included during the season.

After you have enjoyed a great time with the whole family on the Early Winter Wonderland at Branson Landing, you might want to watch early Christmas show at the King’s Castle Theatre which will start on the first day of November till the end of the holiday season. Treat your family to a Christmas celebration with the Hollywood’s Christmas Spectacular at King’s Castle Theatre in Branson.

This Christmas celebration is a Broadway-style show that brings the magic of Christmas to life with sparkling costumes, festive Christmas songs, impressive holiday dancing, and more. Hollywood's Christmas Spectacular is sure to be a highlight of your Christmas celebration this year.

The lavish production of Christmas Wonderland at King’s Castle Theatre will take you on a musical holiday journey from the North Pole as the festive sights and sounds of the holiday season take over the stage. The show boasts colorful holiday decorations with wonderful choreography, candy-striped costumes, and the beautiful renditions of a talented cast of performers.

The stage will come alive throughout this fantastic show with the beautiful scenery of Santa's workshop while the elves are in full gear for the holiday season. This heart-warming show features familiar scenes from the traditional story of The Nutcracker. This fascinating Christmas celebration wouldn't be complete without the highest-kicking chorus girls from the North Pole.

With this Hollywood’s Christmas Spectacular at King’s Castle Theatre, you’ll get to enjoy some of your favorite Christmas movie scenes that will be recreated on stage and you’ll find yourself singing to all the old Christmas classics and be brought back to life such as 'White Christmas,' 'I'll Be Home For Christmas,' 'The First Noel,' and 'Happy Holidays' and so much more!

If you want to bring your family for a fantastic winter in Branson, don’t miss the Early Winter Wonderland at Branson Landing where you can be sure to enjoy early Christmas shopping.


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