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Enjoy the Fusion Cuisines at Mitsu Neko

Date: 2017-07-19 12:00:00 am

Enjoy the Fusion Cuisines at Mitsu Neko Neko Fusion Cuisine and Sushi Bar is one of the restaurants in Branson that offers the best food quality, using fresh, healthy, and natural ingredients. This Japanese restaurant is owned by a young Russian couple Roman and Kate Minialo who are always ready to help guests decide what to choose from the large menu. Along with sushi, this restaurant also serves Westernized Japanese dishes and innovative cocktails. The popular dishes that you can enjoy here include the house-smoked salmon and the blue fire roll. Their house-made crème brûlée and the strawberry roll (strawberries and cream arranged to resemble maki) are some of their specialties that guests rave about.
Establishing a Japanese restaurant has been a dream of the Russian couple after they moved to the U.S. from their native Moscow. Living in Branson for the last five years, the couple have found the very Midwestern, down-home atmosphere of many local restaurants appealing to them. “But we really missed the edge, innovative dishes we loved in the city,” said Kate. Which is why Mitsu Neko Fusion Cuisine and Sushi Bar is truly a labor love and inspiration for the couple.
All of the innovations in the restaurant were made possible by the Minialos, and everything on the menu is as unique and ambitious as the décor itself. With a master’s degree in Japanese Studies, Roman is passionate about preserving the Japanese influence in the sushi and other dishes he creates, and while working to fuse Japanese culture and tradition with modern, creative touches. According to Kate, “Making excellent sushi is not just about rolling some fish in rice. It takes care and patience and high-quality ingredients.”  Mitsu Neko strives hard to use only fresh foods – avoiding artificial coloring, MSG and other preservatives.
All of the menu items in this restaurant are made from scratch daily including sushi, sauces and desserts. As a result, some dishes are available only in a short period while supplies last – just like the Vermouth Saffron Sea Bass dish which is not always available. A dish that isn’t printed in the menu, but is quite popular because of the incredible flavor of fresh sea bass and the creamy vermouth saffron sauce.
Everything from menu specials to sushi rolls and to desserts and cocktails are meticulously presented with such flair that many guests find themselves snapping a quick photo before they start to grab one. Kate, who constantly carves fruits, sculpting sugar and constructing beautiful sushi dishes, says that she is always bothered when chain restaurants serve plates that look nothing like the photos on the menu. Everything served at Mitsu Neko is as beautiful as it is delicious. Though many of the customers of the restaurants come for lunch or dinner daily, some of them make dinner reservations on the weekends.
So, if you dine at Mitsu Neko Fushion Cuisine and Sushi Bar in Branson, you will know that it is in this restaurant where you can enjoy delicious Japanese cuisines. 



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