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Experience Branson Outdoors through Horseback Scenic Ride

Date: 2018-05-10 12:00:00 am

Experience Branson Outdoors through Horseback Scenic Ride


outdoor activities in BransonIf you are looking for an exciting way to enjoy outdoor activities in Branson, take a horseback scenic ride and see expansive landscape of mountains, hills, valleys, and forests. With horseback riding adventure in Branson, you will be able to see the beautiful natural scenery of the Ozarks including awesome trails such as in Busiek State Forest, Dogwood Canyon, Bear Creek Trail, and Shepherd of the Hills Homestead. As you enjoy awesome horseback scenic ride in these areas, you can have the chance to see waterfalls, amazing rock formations, and picturesque view of the Ozark Mountains.
If the kind of great outdoor activities in Branson you are looking for is to take horseback scenic ride, grab your backpack and walking shoes and head on to Busiek State Forest Park. This forest park in Branson has many different trails of varying length and level of difficulty. The trails cover a length of about fourteen miles, most of it has shortcuts and loop back on each other. These thrilling horseback riding trails are well marked for easy accessibility and maneuverability.
The Dogwood Canyon horseback scenic ride experience offers a wrangler guide on a two-hour trail ride where you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the spectacular Ozark Mountains. On this guided horseback ride tour, you’ll travel to ridge tops that give you a 360 degree view of the Ozarks, then make your way down winding valleys and across rolling pastures. On most trails, you may encounter some wildlife and you may actually see buffalo and longhorn cattle. You will also experience what it’s like to be a cowboy. 
Bear Creek Trail Rides that can be found at Bear Creek Stables in Walnut Shade is a small community just 10 minutes from Branson that also offers one hour guided horseback ride tour. Bear Creek horseback scenic ride tour provides visitors well-trained safe horses that are equipped with western tack. The trail packages for horseback ride are all affordable and they have a variety of well-trained horses that are gentle and easy to handle. When you are ready to ride, just choose the breed you prefer and color that you’d like to ride and enjoy with it as you travel up and down the hills by streams and forests.
The historic Shepherd of the Hills Homestead is another great place that offers horseback ride adventure where you’ll find the famous outdoor drama based on the best-selling book, The Shepherd of the Hills, authored by Harold Bell Wright. The Homestead offers a one-hour horseback scenic ride through the spectacular Ozark hills. The horseback ride adventure will include seeing the Old Mill Theater where the outdoor drama is performed. Here you can have the chance to ride on one of the drama’s featured horses. That’s right, you might be riding on a horse used in the show.
Horseback scenic ride adventure is one of the most exciting outdoor activities in Branson as it’s a great way to enjoy the beautiful scenery, wildlife, and the spectacular Ozark mountains.



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