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Experience Branson's Skyline

Date: 2019-02-13 12:00:00 am

Experience Branson's Skyline


If you are in Branson looking for a unique way to enjoy life, fly with Chopper Charter Branson Helicopter Tours.

Chopper Charter Tours is one of the attractions in Branson where you can get the opportunity to see the beauty of the Ozarks from the sky. As you take this fascinating air travel adventure with the helicopter, you will find it fantastic when you look at the beautiful landscape of the city, the spectacular Table Rock Dam, Chateau on the Lake, and panoramic Ozark Mountains. This helicopter tour will let you enjoy an unforgettable flight experience like no other. No matter what place in Branson you want to see, the chopper will take you there.

attractions in BransonAs you take a fascinating helicopter flight, you’re sure to appreciate the aerial views of famous landmarks such as Table Rock Lake and Ozark mountains. Chopper Charters offers visitors great tour packages to surprise your companion who might ask, “Where are we going?” Once you take foot on the landing at the headquarters, you can’t hide the fun and excitement that you feel. This helicopter tour is excellent for newlyweds and anniversary celebrations. During the peak season in Branson, some couples want to take a romantic dinner flight to a prominent spot and will be picked up after dinner.

During the duration of the flight with Chopper Charter Helicopter Tours, the pilot will talk about the places you’ll be seeing below to make your helicopter flight experience both enjoyable and entertaining. While you are enjoying a breathtaking flight with the helicopter, you’ll get the chance to see many scenic spots in Branson including the beautiful landscape of the Ozark mountains. Chopper Branson Helicopter Tours offer five tour options of 7, 12, 17, 22, and 30-minute flight all around the Branson area. Each tour option allows you to enjoy more fun and excitement than the other.

The 7-minute helicopter flight option will either fly you over Branson Landing or take you to see the spectacular Table Rock Dam. Either way, you will get the opportunity to enjoy excellent sightseeing experience of picturesque Lake Taneycomo and other scenic spots around the Branson area. The 12-minute flight option allows you to see the fascinating Inspiration Tower as well as the scenic rolling hills around the Ozark Mountains. On this flight, you can have the bird’s eye view of almost everything in Branson – city attractions, Table Rock Dam, and Table Rock Lake.

The 17-minute flight option will take you to Chateau on the Lake allowing you to see Shepherd of the Hills, Silver Dollar City, and the beautiful Lake Taneycomo. The 22-minute flight option will let you see the expanded view of the rolling hills of the Ozark Mountains and the spectacular attractions around the lake. When you choose the 30-minute flight, you can customize your helicopter flight, allowing you to visit many exciting spots you have in mind.

Chopper Charter’s “I-Pilot” is another excellent way to experience helicopter flight in Branson. This helicopter flight will let you experience and feel how to be a helicopter pilot. Chopper Charter offers two-hour I-Pilot Adventure where you will learn the fundamentals of flight, the control inputs for the Robinson helicopter, and everything else you need to know how to take the controls safely. Before you board the helicopter, you take pre-flight orientation with a certified helicopter flight instructor, put on your suit and get ready to fly your very own aerial scenic tour.

attractions in BransonBefore you can start to fly with the “I-Pilot” Adventure, you will be provided with a multi-camera video recorder to capture your flight experience and show off to all of your friends. I-Pilot exclusive T-shirt, flight badge, and an official time-in-helicopter endorsement certificate are also provided. This helicopter flight adventure with the “I-Pilot” will give you a thrilling helicopter ride experience like no other. If you enjoy your iPilot flight experience and need to do it again some other time, Chopper Charter can help you obtain a private helicopter license with their Part 141 approved flight school.

Aside from “I-Pilot” Adventure that you can experience, you can have the opportunity to enjoy other sightseeing tour options with Chopper Charter where it can take you as far as Arkansas and Oklahoma. On this helicopter flight, you will see the panoramic Ozark mountains, Powersite Dam, Table Rock Dam, Lake Taneycomo, Silver Dollar City, and Branson Landing from the wide-open view of a Robinson helicopter. The helicopter flight adventures that you can experience with the Chopper Charter include flight options such as The Trailer, The Main Feature, The Encore, and Directors Cut.

The Trailer flight allows you to see the natural beauty of the Ozark Mountain. With this flight, you can choose between a flight over Branson Landing or a trip over Table Rock Dam. The 12-minute Matinee flight option will give you a fantastic ride experience through the depth of the Ozark Mountains as you soar above the magnificent Inspiration Tower. This flight offers a dash of everything about Branson including lakes, city attractions, and the Table Rock Dam. The Main Feature option of 17-minutes flight, covers the Branson strip from top to bottom and journey to the majestic Chateau on the Lake. In this flight, you will see Silver Dollar City, Shepherd of the Hills and Lake Taneycomo.

The Encore Flight will let you see the beauty of the calm waters of the three lakes.  This 22-minute flying experience will give you a great view of the hillsides of the Ozark Mountains that dip into the pristine waters of the lake. The 30-minute Directors Cut Flight option is a thrilling flight in the air that includes a five-course meal that won’t make you crave for more. With the accommodating pilot as your air-taxi driver, you can always request to see anything that comes into your mind.

The Chopper Charters Branson Helicopter Tours is a fascinating attraction in Branson where you can experience a breathtaking helicopter flight and a chance to experience and feel how to be a pilot when you take the two-hour I-Pilot Adventure.


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