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Experience Sky Diving Less Heights

Date: 2018-10-23 12:00:00 am

Experience Sky Diving Less Heights


Fritz’ Aerodium Adventure is one of the newest attractions in Branson where it’s great to experience sky diving even for those who are afraid of heights.

attractions in BransonFritz’ Adventure offers visitors challenging outdoor adventure into a multi-dimensional indoor environment of 80,000 square feet with hands-on climbing, tunnelling, sliding, and zip-lining thrills.

This dynamic family attraction in Branson features daunting utility poles to climb, bridges suspended stories above, towering rock-climbing walls and giant boulders, three impressive warped walls, a massive ropes course, urban brick buildings for scaling, a life-size water tower, multiple slides, tunnels and tubes to burrow in, and an air-worthy airplane to explore.

Fritz’s Adventure is a unique place where every visitor can experience elements of the world that are prohibited or discouraged as it delivers a perceived element of risk, but is strategically engineered and perfectly located in a safe environment. This unique adventure in Branson is great for parents, teenagers, and kids to enjoy together an exciting family fun experience.

In addition to this, you will find in the site a restaurant with healthy menu choices where you can have a great view of the indoor adventure park from an upper mezzanine and rooftop party rooms. For the first time, you can experience a world of untamed indoor family adventure year-round only at Fritz’s Adventure.

Opened in Branson this summer 2018, Fritz’s Aerodium Outdoor Flying Adventure offers visitors a challenging skydiving experience within the safe vertical, outdoor wind tunnel. This is the first US company to bring a permanent Aerodium open tunnel to the USA.

The multi-attraction entertainment center of the parks offers a unique atmosphere where you can enjoy a ropes course, underground tunnels, laser room, climbing wall, slides and more. The Aerodium will take your adventure to the park to the next level. Participants to this open-air wind tunnel are in for a treat as they can experience the thrill of flying without walls.

With the assistance of highly trained professionals, Fritz’s Aerodium Adventure assures participants a safe skydiving adventure with the Aerodium Outdoor Flying Adventure in a controlled environment. Fritz’s Adventure offers two- and three-flight packages, each flight include 40-minute flight experience, a stunt demonstration, flight school, about safety equipment and formal flight lesson, and actual flight time. The vertical, open-air wind tunnel generates winds upward of 140 miles per hour, allowing guests to fly under the supervision of the instructor.

After you have purchased the tickets and ready for the flight, make sure you wear a comfortable clothes and shoes. The instructor will give you flying gear and show how to wear it. You wear the flight suits over your clothes and shoes. You’ll also wear earplugs, safety glasses and helmet. The instructor will help you to fly in the wind stream. Depending on your level of comfort and ability, your flight instructor will take you up to various heights.

As one of the newest attractions in Branson, Fritz’s Aerodium Adventure is also the first US company to bring a permanent Aerodium Outdoor Flying Adventure in the US.


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