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Experience the Best Animal Encounter at Foot Safari

Date: 2017-02-24 12:00:00 am

Experience the Best Animal Encounter With A Safari


Promised Land Zoo is a great place to enjoy outdoor fun in Branson as it offers Foot Safari tour where visitors can get up close and personal with the wild but cuddly animals. This top-rated animal attraction and an only zoo in Branson is family owned and operated business dedicated to providing visitors personalized zoo experience. The staff at Promised Land Zoo work very hard every day to give the best care possible to all their animals and to educate and entertain all their visitors.

outdoor fun in BransonPromised Land Zoo in Branson is the last chance to many species to make the place their home and survive. By providing healthy living spaces, proper medical care and monitoring, nutritious diets, the zoo is among the few facilities in Branson that is able to produce happy and healthy ambassador animals for zoos. Many of their animals are real rescues from many other parts of the country providing them a safe and permanent home. The zoo is now a Feline Conservation Federation Accredited Facility. This is a prestigious accreditation where only a handful facilities throughout the US can brag about it. The constant work of the zoo in providing quality wildcat care, education and interaction between the public and cats have helped them achieved the distinguished title.

The Foot Safari experience offered at Branson’s Promised Land Zoo allows you to see great features of several exhibits of species from around the world. The zoo has a current display of numerous antelope, kangaroo, zebra, big cats, medium cats, spider monkeys, baboons, lemurs, and many other groups of animals including deer, prairie dogs, capybara, porcupines and large variety of petting zoo animals like goats, alpacas, etc. You can always have the chance to feed these animals with food purchased from the zoo’s shop. The nine-acre facility is designed to give visitors the opportunity to spend 2 hours of entertainment making the place a great addition to any itinerary.

 Another great way to experience a memorable visit to the zoo is to see Live Animal Shows where you can interact and learn things about the animals. Branson’s Promised Land Zoo believes in the power of ‘touch’. These special Live Animal Shows can get you up close and personal with 5 to 6 animals that aren’t on display. The zoo has a staff of animal professionals including Jungle Josh and Buckaroo Brice who bring out several animals for you to interact with and learn about.

Another special place to visit at the zoo is the Parakeet Paradise where you can feed hundreds of birds with your complimentary parakeet stick. This attraction is open all day and provides fun for all ages. Every visitor can’t get enough for this flight area where hundreds of birds flock to you for attention to give you a memorable flight experience.

So, if you want to enjoy a unique outdoor fun in Branson, visit Promised Land Zoo and join Foot Safari Tour where you can get up close and personal with wild animals.

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