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Experience the Fantastic Entertainment Brought by a Family of Musicians

Date: 2016-05-07 12:00:00 am

Experience the Fantastic Entertainment Brought by a Family of Musicians



The Duttons family is one of the largest groups of performing families in Branson and their show highlights the talents of about 15 members – making it a great entertainment choice for people of all ages.  This Branson show includes a variety of music-styles that make them famous including their spectacular fiddle playing and bluegrass songs as well as their display of classical works as they share their versatility on a variety of musical instruments. Whether you have seen them before in other stages or at the Dutton Family Theater in Branson or saw them on TV as they took a spot on “America’s Got Talent,” they remain one of the top musicians in the world.

The Duttons In Branson, there are only a few entertainers or groups of musicians that are highly talented and musically versatile as the Duttons. Throughout their long career in music, the group has performed in various venues around the country. The members of the Duttons family, have been proven to be some of the highly-skilled musicians ever known in the music industry. Their skill with the instruments and their versatility in it can be seen in them as they play different instruments such as banjo, bass guitar, drums, harmonica, guitar, keyboard, violin, and many more.

Always included in the presentation show of the Duttons Family is a spectacular display of talents that showcases dance, singing, music, and more in a show that offers a variety of great performances for the audience. To enjoy a real awesome musical entertainment on a family-friendly show – look no further than the Duttons Family show in Branson for an exciting musical experience.

The Duttons Family is such a wonderful Branson show where energetic members are full of talents and versatile in playing different instruments. The members of the Duttons Family show include parents, Dean and Sheila, and their children and spouses and grandchildren.  The Duttons children who are all active with the show include seven biological children and seven adopted children. The five children that regularly perform on the show include Benjamin, Timothy, Jonathan, Abigail, and Amy. Timothy’s wife, Judith, Jenny and Joshua occasionally perform when they have time to visit the show.

The Duttons Family show is one of the most enduring shows in Branson where they have been performing since 1997. Besides of being a staple show in Branson, the Duttons have been featured on TV on PBS specials and they became finalists on the hit NBC Show America’s Got Talent. The humble beginning of the Duttons Family which began by giving violin lessons for their children to install a strong work ethic and a sense of discipline, has blossomed into a full-time career for the whole family. When they become established with their music career, they began touring across the United States as well as on European stages.

The Duttons also have a theatre in Mesa, Arizona where they perform from January through March. In Branson, they perform from April through December.

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