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Experience the Longest Zipline Ride in Branson

Date: 2016-06-28 12:00:00 am

Experience the Longest Zipline Ride in Branson


Zip Line USAZip Line USA is a great fun place which offers the longest zipline ride with the highest cables in Branson.  This wonderful vacation spot has 9 ziplines with multiple stops on a unique suspended platforms. Its longest cable is longer than any other zipline courses put together in the whole Branson area. Built on a 120-acre property, Zip Line USA is Branson’s true canopy tour. Located in Reed Springs, Missouri just 14 miles northeast of Branson, you are sure to experience a great outdoor fun adventure in the Ozarks.

As you begin your outdoor fun for a unique zip line ride, you will be harnessed in specialized gear and you will soar above the trees for an exciting look of the spectacular Ozark Mountains from a new perspective. Friendly and experienced guides are available to escort everyone participating the zipline tour. Get to experience an adrenaline rush and a chance to view the local ecology while you fly above the wooded valleys. This outdoor fun is such an exciting way to experience nature.

This great canopy tour of the Zip Line USA involves traversing from one platform to another attached in a steel cable suspended up to 350 feet above the forest floor and stretching a distance of 500 to 3200 feet. The zipline adventure tour will begin with a ride on a 4x4 bus that brings you to the top of the course which means no towers to climb. If you want to experience a breathtaking zipline ride, try the Ridgerunner Zipline Tour which is considered to be the biggest and best zipline adventure in Missouri. The Ridgerunner starts out with ‘Bunny Hop’ cable to warm you up before getting ready.

There are many reasons why Zip Line USA should be your choice to have the best zipline experience possible. From the first zipline line rider to the most seasoned zipline enthusiast, they’ve got you covered. The zipline course was engineered and built by Universal Zipline Technology. The elevation of the zipline comes from utilizing the natural terrain instead of unsightly towers that many find it hard to step off. By using the natural terrain, the course has only utilized the smallest portion of the forest.

Children as young as 3 years old are welcome and don’t require a minimum weight as what you will find at other zipline companies. The staff has been trained hard to work with small children to insure a safe ride for each and everyone. The course also uses the Brakehawk system for riders that allow them to control their own speed while zipping. Other courses uses a brake system that stops suddenly at the end of the ride that gives you a whiplash effect. With the brakehawk system, your hand pulls down and engages a brake pad without any impact on your body.

So, if you want to experience a unique outdoor fun adventure that allows you to see a spectacular view of the Ozark mountains, try a zipline adventure at the Zip Line USA in Branson.

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