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Experience the Tastes of Branson's Wine, Spirits and Moonshine

Date: 2017-02-05 12:00:00 am

Experience the Tastes of Branson's Wine, Spirits and Moonshine


wineries in BransonMissouri was booming in wine culture after German immigrants settled in the early 19th century. By 1880s, the Show Me State produced more wine than any other state. Although Branson is not in the heart of Missouri’s wine corridor, it boasts several wineries that offer tours, wine tastings and retail options for visitors to enjoy. The mild climate and moderate to average temperature is excellent for growing grapes and ideal for the natural cellaring of wine. Some of the wineries in Branson where you can taste the best wines, spirits and moonshines include Curling Vine Winery, Mount Pleasant Winery, Lindwedel Winery, and Stone Hill Winery.

Curling Vine Winery is one of the newest wineries in Branson that offer tours and wine tasting to visitors since its opening in 1986. When you visit the winery, you can taste the popular Norton red with its dry, full-bodied flavor and complex mixes of fruit and oak. Visitors to Curling Vine Winery can also taste a variety of sparkling wines, from the dry Brut Rose to the sweeter Spumante Blush or Golden Spumante. Visitors to the winery are also invited for free tours of the facility, learning how the vintner extracts juice from grapes grown in its Hermann, Mo. Vineyards, and turns it into wine today.

Founded in 1859 in Augusta, Mo., Mount Pleasant Winery features 12 grape varieties grown on 78 acres. Its location in Branson features a tasting and bottling experience perfect for the connoisseur of Missouri wines. Customers of Mount Pleasant wines can choose from a number of award-winning wines and even bottle their own from a specially-designed 600-gallon French oak barrel. Mount Pleasant Winery also offers a Wine 101 class, where you can learn the art of wine tasting that is sure to enhance your appreciation of both wine and winemakers.

Your wine tour is not complete without visiting the Lindwedel Winery, a small wine facility with incredible views and a casually elegant atmosphere. While Lindwedel wines are actually produced in a separate 15-acre location in Branson, its wine garden offers visitors free tastings and the chance to relax with their favorite wine varieties paired with delicious snacks. Visitors can even bring their own food and enjoy with their chosen wines on a deck overlooking the scenic property.

Located in the town of Hermann in the hillsides of the Missouri River, Stone Hill Winery which was established in 1847, grew to be the second largest winery in the United States. Stone Hill Winery is the most awarded winery in Missouri. The finest wines produced by this winery have received international recognition, winning more than 3,700 awards since 1993 including seven Missouri Governor’s Cups since 1994. The national recognition of Stone Hill Winery continued in 2001 when it was featured on Discover America and The Early Show on CBS.

Wineries in Branson are some of the best places to visit when you want to experience the taste of the best Branson’s wine, spirits and moonshines.

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