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Exploring the Nature Riding a Segway

Date: 2015-10-01 12:00:00 am

Exploring the Nature Riding a Segway


Segway Tour Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is a nature paradise in the Ozarks where you can explore the mark that native Americans left in Missouri hills and hollows. The park is now more accessible to visitors where rugged landscape has been left unvisited and untouched for so long. This beautiful nature park offers tons of nature fun activities that can be enjoyed such as hiking, biking, camping, horseback riding, and the new Segway Tours. Come explore and ride with your Segway along the route that leads to the beautiful natural sceneries hidden in the park.

This amazing 10,000 acre vast land of Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is home to many outdoor activities that include Self-Guided Walking Tour, Guided Tram Tours, Guided Fishing, and of course the  guided Segway Tours. The park features an Outdoor Café where you can have a delicious lunch and a general store where you can find great selection of souvenir and gift items. Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is also a great place for special events, weddings, reunions, parties, and customized tours with delightful streamside meals.

In this wonderful park, it’s great to experience the adventure of travelling via Segway through Dogwood Canyon’s most fascinating sites. Guided Segway Tour is a super cool way to experience nature fun activities in the park with a round-trip tour to the Glory Hole where you’ll find swarm of trout swimming around the clean waters of the pristine lake. This nature park is the perfect place to spend exciting outdoor activity like the Segway ride or you can just relax and enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature. For the safety of all guests and protection of the wildlife, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, and alcohol are not permitted in the park.

Segway is a free-roaming outdoor activity where you will experience a unique fun ride in a paved track. This amazing nature fun activity offers everyone a fascinating and exciting ride for young and old. Riding Segway is easy and safe for family and friends who come to play at the free-roaming paved track at Dogwood Canyon Nature Park. This self-balancing motorized two-wheeler scooter uses gyroscopes to remain upright which is controlled by the rider. Riders can lean forwards, backwards, and can easily turn right or left using a thin handle bar attached to a pool.   

Segway Tour ride at Dogwood Canyon gives every rider a wholesome fun experience. There is no other great amusement park more unique to have your next getaway or family gathering than experiencing a Segway Tours at Dogwood Canyon. The park wants to help create great memories for your family meeting or any family celebration. Whether you plan for a get-together party, a family reunion, birthday, or group event, you are sure to enjoy your visit to Dogwood Canyon Nature Park if you try the thrill of the Segway experience.

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is a great outdoor paradise that offers tons of nature fun activities including guided Segway Tour that allows you to see spectacular natural sceneries in the park.

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