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Fantastic Food ‘Round the Clock!

Date: 2016-10-08 12:00:00 am

Fantastic Food ‘Round the Clock!


Clocker’s CaféBeautifully located in the historic downtown Branson, Clocker’s Café is a great dining place where you can enjoy delicious food from breakfast to supper. Clocker’s Café offers great home-cooked meals. Their tasty Prime Rib sandwich is one of the most preferred items to order on the menu and their Biscuits and Gravy for breakfast are said to be their best menu items. Some of the customers at Clocker’s Café are local celebrities who regularly eat in this place. So, the next time you eat in this great restaurant, you will never know who you might see while dining at Clocker’s.

Clocker’s Café is a quaint and nostalgic restaurant filled with many interesting artifacts that they have gathered over the years. If you visit this fantastic dining place in Branson, you are sure to feel the beautiful ambiance and the relaxing atmosphere.  Clocker’s has been offering great American dishes for decades and has been serving fantastic food round the clock with breakfast served daily  including traditional and old-style diner with excellent quality and exceptional service. At Clocker’s, you’ll enjoy tasty, inexpensive and generous coffee refills and everything that you’d expect from a classic dining experience.

When you stop at Clocker’s Café to fill your hungry tummy, you are sure to enjoy their treats, the great value, and the hospitality that this restaurant offers to all visitors. The menu that the restaurant offers for their breakfast include items with a good selection of omelets, biscuits and gravy, and hotcakes as well as Chicken Tenders, Turkey Melt, and many other delicious dishes that are perfectly prepared for lunch and dinner. The restaurant also has daily specials, desserts, unique gift items and great atmosphere to offer its customers. Clocker’s Café is also visited by local celebrities including Jerry Springer that come here to eat.

This fascinating restaurant has been a part of the downtown  Branson landscape for many years. It’s in this place where many business people in the downtown area come to eat breakfast. This locally owned restaurant which employs friendly staff has been in business for so many years and is now drawing attention of many visitors coming to Branson. The tourists spending a wonderful vacation in Branson keep on coming back year after year not because of its décor, but rather the delicious food they serve.

Clocker’s Café offers an absolute hometown dining experience where customers enjoy stout coffee, eggs cooked to perfection, and hash browns that are cooked in a frying pan instead in a microwave. The pancakes served in this restaurant are the best in Branson. If you love to eat breakfast outside your home, Clocker’s Café is the place to go. The food served here is always of good quality and the service is excellent. As soon as you walked into the door, you will be greeted and will be directed to a nice seating area.

The Clocker’s Café in Branson is a great restaurant where you can enjoy breakfast daily offering traditional and absolute home town dining experience.

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