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February Comedy Escapade

Date: 2016-01-14 12:00:00 am

February Comedy Escapade


Comedy Jamboree at the Grand Country Music Hall is one of the amazing shows to watch in the month of February. This love month is a great time to enjoy wonderful music, hilarious comedy, dance and family fun. Starring in this great show in Branson are the Jamboree Singers; pianist Tracy Heaston; award-winning Grand Band; and comedians Applejack, Harley Worthit and Stretch McCord. Guests watching this amazing show are sure to enjoy the most popular country hits, high-energy dancing and some shoe tapping.

Comedy Jamboree This favorite show is full of dancing, clean comedy, and a variety of music ideal for the whole family. The performance you will see in this wonderful show will give you an interactive experience, so get ready if Applejack pulls you onstage to join in his humorous bits. Country singer Todd Bradshaw will astound everyone as she performs several numbers, while Tracy Heaston captures the hearts of the audiences as she plays piano flawlessly. The beautiful costumes, floor-pounding clogging routines, and ridiculous stage props make this presentation show well worth seeing.

The cast of the Comedy Jamboree takes pleasure in meeting guests before and after the show. Comedy Jamboree features a heavy variety show that provides great fun for every member of the family. This February, the cast will perform extra joyous show as the production will feature the usual antics of dancing, comedy and costumes and additional flair. Enjoy this amazing show with great music from the Ozark Mountain Country Band and participate in the merriment so you will have a jolly time this love month.

This great comedy show in Branson features an electrifying performance of singers, dancers and comedians. With a cast of eclectic comedy performers and talented musical artists, this show will give audiences a high-spirited and clean-humored show that provides the whole family a unique and a memorable show experience. Comedy Jamboree gives you an inspiration to laugh hysterically, dance and sing in the aisles along with the stage performers, and wish the fun would last forever. This amazing show is Branson’s hilarious and riotous musical romp of a show provides great fun for the entire family.

Some of the entertainment capital’s best comedians and musicians performing at the Comedy Jamboree at the Grand Country Music Hall will entertain you delightfully and you’ll never notice how quick the time passes as the cast takes its final bow. With every type of talent and humor displayed in the show, from hilarious comedy to shoe tapping, energetic and spirit-filled audiences will be laughing till they bring themselves to the edge of their seat. The insanely high-spirited Harley Worthit, the lovable Stretch McCord, and the brilliantly bright green cloaked Applejack … no other humorous trio in Branson will keep you entertained like the triplets.

If you want to watch a show that will have you laughing out loud, grinning air-to-ear, and rolling in the ailes – this is the presentation you should not miss. The cast includes comedians who will share their jokes, clean humor, and tales to the audience for laughter that you won’t forget.

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