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Feel the West Coast Heat, Welcome to ‘Beach Boys California Dreamin'’

Date: 2017-06-21 12:00:00 am

Feel the West Coast Heat, Welcome to ‘Beach Boys California Dreamin'’


Branson showsThe Beach Boys California Dreamin’ is one of the most popular Branson shows that will let you feel the West Coast Heat. This singing group will take you on a musical journey to West Coast beaches, and the era of sensational rock and pop music. 
The talented cast uses beautiful harmonies combined with skillfully choreographed dance moves to share the hits of the Beach Boys such as Help Me Rhonda, Barbara Ann, Surfin’ U.S.A., I Get Around, and Be Woudn’t it Nice. It’s only here in Branson that you’ll find such an incredible variety of live entertainment productions, and this musical show has created its own unique place among all those wonderful song offerings.
The newly reimagined production show, Beach Boys California Dreamin’ will return for its 5th season in Branson. The group will take audiences on a musical journey to the West Coast beaches of the 1960s. As you watch this unique show, you’ll enjoy all of your favorite Beach Boys hits as the talented cast delivers classic songs with original authentic style. Plus, tribute to other artists of the surf rock craze, as well as those who were influenced by them. Get to enjoy their beautiful vocal harmonies, energizing dance, comedy, colorful costumes and sets, gorgeous lighting and video all come together to make this an experience you won’t want to miss.  
You’ll also hear songs from the legendary artists like The Mamas and The Papas; Simon and Garfunkel; The Carpenters; The 5th Dimension; Peter, Paul and Mary; Burt Bacharach; Joni Mitchell; and The Association. These artists produced some of the greatest music during that time, and their appeal has only grown over the decades. In the “Beach Boys California Dreamin’” show, you will hear feel-good ballads, upbeat harmonies, and introspective songwriting that came together to create sounds you’ve never forgotten. Those are the music that took radio by storm in the 60’s and early 70’s, and it continues to gain new fans that each year passed by.
As you watch the “Beach Boys California Dreamin’” you’ll imagine the sunny California beaches of the 1960s with the sounds of the Beach Boys. You’ll hear your favorite surf rock classics as the cast brings them to life with the use of spectacular costumes, impressive lighting and stage theatrics, and a historical narrative and video. All your favorite Beach Boys songs will be performed from ‘California Girls’ to ‘I Get Around’.
These young artists will take you back in time and will take the Beach Boys to the next level with great audience participation. You will love kicking back and rockin’ with the Beach Boys California Dreamin’! Although they are not the real Beach Boys but you will feel like they are. The 3 guys and 2 girls who sing make a perfect impersonation as they sing the hits of the Beach Boys. 
So, if you want to feel the West Coast Heat, make sure you’ve got “Beach Boys California Dreamin” on your must-see list on your next visit to Branson.



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