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Flash Mob Dance on Hwy 76, It’s the 3rd Annual Shindig Festival

Date: 2016-02-29 12:00:00 am

Flash Mob Dance on Hwy 76, It’s the 3rd Annual Shindig Festival


3rd Annual Shindig Festival The 3rd Annual Shindig Festival is one of the most unique attractions in Branson which will be held on May 28, 2016. The event will be showcasing a flash mob dance on Hwy 76 performing the Shindig Shuffle. Turn on your radio to My 100.1 FM, hear the music, see your favorite Branson show, get out after 10 pm and join the fun on Hwy 76 to perform the Shindig Shuffle dance. The festivity will attempt to set the world’s Longest Shindig Line Dance.

The festival will be participated by Branson stars, area employees, residents as well as visitors. The co-owner of the Hughes Brothers Theatre, Lena Hughes says, “Anyone wishing to participate on the night of May 28 is invited to lineup on the sidewalks along Hwy 76 from Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theatre to the corner of Hwy 76 & Shepherd of the Hills Expressway.”  Anyone representing a particular business or organization is encouraged to bring banners, signs, and to wear-t-shirts. “Turn your car radio and outside speakers to radio station My 100.1 Radio and the song will first play at 10:30 PM, and play again at 10:35 PM and at 10:40 PM,” says Sue Braun from Vacation Channel.

A special dance number will also be performed to include moves called the shindig, the jig, and more.  The music video of Shindig Shuffle debut on YouTube during 2014 at the Ozark Mountain will be shown in the festival. It is sponsored by the Vacation Channel and produced and co-directed by Jason Hughes. “This isn’t just any old song and dance,” says marketing chair for the Branson Show League, Cindy Merry “it’s something fun for all ages with a unique combination of musical genres that really reflects the dynamic and diverse nature of Branson’s musical scene while still paying homage to the musical roots of the Ozarks.”

Those interested to be a part of the attempt to set the world’s record as the Longest Shindig Line Dance  are invited to learn the dance by visiting and view an instructional video. They can also attend lessons at 1:00 PM at the Hughes Brothers Theatre on Tuesday and Thursday and at 6:00 PM lesson on Friday, May 27 prior to the start of the festivity the following day on May 28 at 10:00 PM. Timothy Dutton of The Dutton’s Show wants everyone to be a part of this fun event and get Shindiggity with everybody. Carla Wright of Kayak Branson also says, “Being a part of the ShindigNation has been great fun and we’ve had fun with the Shindig Shuffle and our Kayakers. Be sure to check out the music video to see how anybody, even somebody on beautiful Lake Taneycomo can get shindiggity!”

So, if you want to join the fun in celebrating one of the most amazing attractions in Branson, participate in the 3rd Annual Shindig Festival and get involved with the flash mob dance on Hwy 76.

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