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Fly Over the Table Rock Lake Through American Parasail

Date: 2017-08-24 12:00:00 am

Fly Over the Table Rock Lake Through American Parasail


If you are looking for a great outdoor fun in Branson, try a thrilling parasailing water activity with the American Parasail and fly over to see the beauty of the lake. American Parasail offers a breathtaking parasailing experience that flies high on Table Rock Lake with hourly flights departing State Park Marina and pre-arranged flights at other locations. Parasailers can fly high from a custom parasailing boat equipped with the newest and safest technology. They can take off and land in the boat. Each parasail can hold up to 3 passengers at a time, weather permitting, which makes a flight above the lake a memorable family experience.
outdoor fun in BransonParasailing activity on the lake is a safe and fun for the whole family. Anyone 5 and older is qualified to parasail and they are fitted with a harness and life jacket. Parasailing participants no longer take off from the shore as in the past. The boat is equipped with a landing platform which allows flyers to take off and land without getting wet. A typical flight can last up to 15 minutes and can soar up to 300 feet above the water on 600 feet of line. As you take a great parasailing experience with the American Parasail, Captain Sam Sandt takes charge in a custom, coast guard licensed parasailing boat that is equipped with the newest and safest technology.
With every outdoor fun in Branson that is available at Table Rock Lake, parasailing is the most thrilling fun activity above the water as it allows you to enjoy picturesque views of the beautiful natural scenery along the lakeside. The tree-filled hills around Table Rock Lake are stunning views that you can see as you soar up in the air. You’ll find them a fascinating view than you’ll experience on any helicopter tour. Table Rock Lake also offers services that provide a brief safety-training session which is not too difficult or too much to remember. You can go parasailing as many as six as a group and up to three can sail together, with some weight limitations.
Another exciting adventure that you can experience over the water is flyboarding. Although it is a bit different from parasailing, flyboarding is a new water sports activity that can be found on Branson’s Table Rock Lake. Invented by a French watercraft enthusiast three years ago, this unique, powered device allows you to ascend out of the water and into the air. Flyboarders stand on a board that is connected by a lengthy hose to a watercraft. Flyboarding is still being discovered by water sports enthusiasts around the world, and this can be enjoyed firsthand in Branson, Missouri. When you want to spend a little exciting time over the water in a fun way, remember that Branson is well-prepared to let you enjoy your day.
Parasailing with the American Parasail over the Table Rock Lake is an exciting water sports activity that will take you up in the air for 8 to 10 minutes.



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