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Flying Above the Lake

Date: 2017-07-22 12:00:00 am

Flying Above the Lake


Branson outdoor activitiesFlyboarding is one the most thrilling Branson outdoor activities that you can enjoy on the lake this summer season. A bit exciting than parasailing, flyboarding provides every water enthusiast a unique adventure over the water. Invented by a French watercraft enthusiast three years ago, this powered flying machine allows you to climb out of the water and into the air. Riders stand on a board connected by a long hose to  watercraft.  It’s an incredible water activity that is widely enjoyed by water enthusiasts around the world, and it’s great to experience this firsthand in Branson.
Many of the Branson outdoor activities can be best enjoyed on the water and flyboarding will give every water enthusiast the most thrilling water activity that they can experience on the lake. This fascinating water adventure will let you fly like ironman. The excitement of rising above the water through the water jets attached to your feet is one of a kind experience that you can’t forget. Flyboard Branson at the State Park Marina has certified instructors to assist you to let you airborne within minutes. As no experience is required for this thrilling Branson outdoor activity, all participants joining the fun need to have a preflight training.
A Flyboard is the same as wakeboard where a water jet pack is strapped on your feet. This exciting water sport activity will enable you to hover, ascend, and descend on the water with great range of movements. The long hose that is attached to a jet ski provides the propulsion of the Flyboard. The propulsion is then funneled into the attached hose enabling the Flyboard to run and up into the air. The thrust of the Flyboard determines how high the rider goes which is controlled by the instructor. The control by the instructor is important because if the Flyboarder gets close to the jet ski, the instructor can lower the Flyboarder back into the water.
With the Flyboard, you can go up and fly within the first five minutes. As you take your first attempt with the Flyboard, you actually make your balancing in the ankles because you stand completely tall so you don’t have to bend your knee or turn your hips to get out of the water. When you want to turn around, you need to slightly bend one knee and keep the other leg straight and you’ll feel the flyboard starts to turn you in one direction or another however hard you bend your knee.
This is the second season that Flyboard Branson offered this great watersport activity at the State Park Marina. Many may have seen a YouTube video about flyboarding, but there wasn’t anything like in the Midwest we could think of or in the Branson area.  Flyboard Branson was broadcast live on the Weather Channel and was also featured on the cover of a travel magazine.
So, if you want to experience the thrill of the new thrilling watersport activity in Branson, try the fun of flyboarding at the State Park Marina on the pristine Table Rock Lake.



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