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Fun in Branson Never Ends Even on Winter

Date: 2015-12-16 12:00:00 am

Fun in Branson Never Ends Even on Winter


Even though the cold weather is enveloping the whole Tri-Lakes area, it cannot put an end to the fun activities that are greatly enjoyed by families visiting Branson this time of year. Although spending great outdoors during this season is limited in the TriLakes area, there is always something to enjoy for everyone that is entertaining and fun for families to do regardless of the weather. Visitors to Branson this season can still enjoy attractions that are not weather dependent such as live entertainment shows, shopping and dining opportunities, museums, and other tourist spots.

There are lots of fun activities in Branson that can be enjoyed by families that include live performances in many theaters. The 22nd Annual “Hot Winter Fun Big Show,” also known as “The Big Show,” will be hosted this 2016 winter season at the Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater.  The “Big Show” has been a tradition during winter season for more than two decades, although several shows have already opened their doors ahead of “The Big Show.”

Cindy Merry, marketing chair for The Branson Show League, which produces the show has said, “Marketing the months of January, February, and March as ‘Hot Winter Fun’ started in 1994 as a way to let our guests know they could enjoy the Branson experience year-round.” The show gives local residents and visitors alike the opportunity to see a wide variety of talent, as well as help raise funds to help promote tourism in Branson. Like from the previous seasons, the show always feature a “who’s who” of Branson group of entertainers that represent 17 different shows in Ozark Mountain Country.

Clay Cooper Clay Cooper is scheduled to emcee the show, which will include members from his show, “Clay Cooper’s Country Express.” The show also features entertainers from other shows like “Comedy Jamboree,” “Grand Jubilee,” “George Jones and Friends Remembered,” “George Straight: A Tribute starring James Garrett,” “A Tribute to John Denver,” “Joseph Hall’s Rock N Roll Remember Tribute,” “It” starring the Hughes Brothers, the Sons of Britches, Paul Harris, “Red, Hot…& Blue!,” “Six,” “A Tribute to Mary Robbins,” Leroy New from “A Tribute to Mary Robbins,” Michael, Nadia and Avery Cole From “Ayo,” and many more.

The “Grand Country Fun Spot” is another great place in the Tri-Lakes area where you can enjoy exciting winter fun activity during the cold season. This amazing fun spot features Mini-Bowling, White River Black Light Mini-Golf Course in 3D, and state of the art video arcade game facility which features the most popular video and fun arcade games from motocross racing to space exploring. Weather permitting, it will be nice to spend great outdoors for more family fun activity at Scotty’s Trout Dock by taking a walk on the Branson Landing Boardwalk or visiting the Shepherd of the Hills Trout Hatcher, all of which are free.

As Branson is known for its mild temperature, local residents and visitors alike continue to enjoy great outdoors and awesome fun activities even on winter.

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