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Get a Warm Winter’s Day at the Talking Rocks Cavern

Date: 2015-11-26 12:00:00 am

Get a Warm Winter’s Day at the Talking Rocks Cavern


Many people opt to stay indoors during the cold season. But for those who want to look for a place to enjoy outdoors is to visit Table Rocks Cavern in Branson where they will experience some of the most unique outdoor activities even during the cold winter days. When you visit Table Rocks Cavern you will learn the traditional living ways of the people who once lived here. While there were no attractions, shows, or museums during this time, you can imagine how the visitors toured the place and explore the caves. Nowadays, touring the Talking Rocks Cavern can be more fun as you get to enjoy the beauty of  nature, spectacular scenery and natural wonders of the cave.

Talking Rocks Cavern Located west of Branson in Stone County, Talking Rocks Cavern is one of the most fascinating places to visit in the Ozarks. As you visit the cave, you have can have the opportunity to explore the earth’s underground secrets. This magnificent tourist attraction in Branson is operated by Herschend Family Entertainment which offers regular guided cave tour. The tour participants will be guided down a series of 150 steps and platforms which will eventually end to the floor of the cave. The bottom of the cave is usually flooded during heavy rains.

As you start to descend, you will see spectacular features of the cave which are called “curtain’’ and “bacon’’ formations. On the surface level of the cave, water seeps in and the cave acts as drainage system that flow water into the river. Although flooding sometimes occurs, it doesn’t however, stop the tour operation. The cave tour also includes light and sound show. There are over 10 caves to explore in Missouri that include Cosmic Cavern and Indian Creek Caverns which is the third longest cave in Southern Missouri that is filled with brick like wet sediment.

The caverns feature beautiful crystal formations and the long winding paths make the place so fascinating to explore. The humidity and warm temperature level of the caverns creates a spectacular cave formations as well as flowstone formations known as cave bacon and cave popcorn and soda straw formations. This straw formation is called tubular stalactite that is hanging from the ceiling of the cave and they form as water filled calcium sulfate and calcium carbonate that flow slowly through rock’s cracks that will start to form as stalagmites.

Enthusiastic visitors who are exploring the caves in the Ozarks are advised to wear comfortable shoes and athletic clothing. See a variety of spectacular colors, crystal formations and many kinds and sizes of textures. These great outdoors of touring the caves will give you idea about the mystery that surrounds the Talking Rocks Cavern. The rocks in the caves don’t really talk, but somewhere down deep below the cave tend to make some strange sounds.

So, if you want to spend a fascinating tour with one of the most popular outdoors that will give you wonderful memories, visit the Talking Rocks Cavern in Branson.

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