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Gift Wrapping Ideas

Date: 2015-12-13 12:00:00 am

Gift Wrapping Ideas


Gift Wrapping This holiday season, Christmas gift wrapping is some of the activities that you will see in most shopping malls. Shoppers know that any gift they wish to give as present should be wrapped to make it look cozy and in colorful style to match the occasion. By giving gift for any occasion, you need to learn gift wrapping ideas to make your gift looks awesome.

The foil is not just for sandwiches or for any food, it can be a perfect material for those odd-shaped gifts, since it can be manipulated to whatever item you cover with it. It can be used to wrap boxed gifts for an eye-catching shine reminiscent of the Christmas season. To make a nice gift wrapping, you’ll need a sheet of tin foil, ribbon, a paste or double-sided tape. By doing this gift wrapping with the use of tin foil, you need to place the gift on the center of the sheet of tin foil and raw the sides up and pull the ends together at the top. Use a ribbon and join the ends together using glue or double-sided tape and paste the paper strip that will serve as your gift tag.

Go green this holiday season with this unique gift wrapping idea. Instead of throwing away that green cardboard box you purchased online, put it to use with this trick for creating pillow boxes. To make this unique gift wrapping idea, you need a pillow box template, cardboard or corrugated paper, pencil, scissors, craft knife, glue stick, and silk ribbon. To do this, you need to print and cut out a pillow template. Place the template on the smooth side of the corrugated paper, trace the template and cut out the pattern. Use the tip of a craft knife to score curved lines on the cardboard. Fold the edge inward and apply glue to the flap. Bring the opposite edge over the flap and place a heavy book on top until the glue is dry. Then tie the package with a silk ribbon.

Another gift wrapping idea is by attaching handmade decorations onto your presents to dress them up. To make this wrapping idea, you need seed beads, jewelry wire, small silk ribbon, needle-nose pliers, wire-cutters, and computer printouts of a nice lettering or shape. To do this, you need to cut off a piece of wire long enough to fit the printed letter. Make a small loop in one end of the wire with round-nose pliers. Now thread seeds beads on the wire, and leave a small section of wire free of beads. Place the beaded wire on top of the printed letter and shape the wire to form the letter. Lock the end of the wire by coiling to secure the beads in place. Tie the beaded letter to a small silk ribbon and attach to a package.

Giving a gift this holiday season that is properly wrapped with some amazing and colorful decorations is a great way to make your gift looks awesome.

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