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Golf Swing Myths that You Should Avoid

Date: 2018-09-23 12:00:00 am

Golf Swing Myths that You Should Avoid


Did you know that golf is a sport that rooted in myth and those myths usually surface in the golf swing and how it is taught? There are really a lot of advice surrounding the golf swing that is fundamentally flawed for a variety of reasons. 
playing golfThe flaws partly stem from a misunderstanding of the mechanics of the golf swing, but also the misconception that one swing fits all. Before playing golf, it’s important to know some of the golf myths that you should avoid.
Myth #1 – You should keep your lower body quiet. This myth came out from the idea that too much lower body motion will make your swing to get thrown off. Anyways, nowadays in playing golf, it requires a weight shift to the front from the back. If you put your focus on keeping your lower body quiet, it may result in a meek. If you make a weight shift with hesitancy, it can cost you distance and accuracy.
Myth #2 – Your head should stay still and down. In reality, your head will move slightly down with the pivot of your swing. But not upwards or downwards. Nor your head move before the impact of the ball. If someone advises you to keep your head down, ignore him. Following the advice will result in the blockage of the shoulder turn. This is one of the most common myths about golf swing, if you are a victim, you should rise now.
Myth #3 – You should make a big and full swing. Many of the newphyte golfers consider the swing of the professional as ideal. Just remember that most of the amateurs don’t have the flexibility or natural talent to smack a ball well over 300 yards. When the amateurs see such thing done by the professionals they will try to replicate them and make an all-out swing. This will result in wads of pushes, pull and slices. Instead, you should focus on turning your shoulders to the max comfy zone.
Myth #4 – You should roll your wrists through the impact. This myth has been followed by the golfers for a long time. This idea is generated to make golfers release their wrists and encouraging the club to settle at the impact time. As you see, the club will be released naturally at a specific time if you hold it firmly but not too tightly. When you force it to swing, it will permit the wrists to unfold and refold while the impact is being made, without any extra thrust from the golfer.
Myth #5 – You should keep your left arm straight. This advice is also idolized by amateurs. Though a little of this myth is true, many love to take it to extreme and overdose the condition. They lock down their arm so stiff which will result in robotic motion and ruins their opportunity of a solid strike. By following this myth, you sacrifice yardage and accuracy.
So, if you have some future plans on playing golf, be sure to know the golf swing myths that you should avoid.



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