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Golf Tips: Hitting a Bunker Shot

Date: 2019-01-17 12:00:00 am

Golf Tips: Hitting a Bunker Shot


Many golfers who are playing golf in Branson can be in uncomfortable situations at any given time. One of the reasons is the dreaded sand bunker shot.

playing golf in BransonThis is a shot that’s considered by many golf enthusiasts as a simple shot, yet many golf players seem to lose their poise and confidence when they encounter this perceived challenge. In order to gain confidence, you must first learn some golf tips to help you hit a bunker shot like a pro.

Choose the right club

If you don’t have a lot of green to work with and you short-side in a greenside bunker, then you want to pick a high-lofted wedge, like a 60 degree lob wedge. The ball won’t role out as much. If you have some green to work with, you want a lower lofted wedge, such as a sand wedge or a gap wedge (around 56 and 52 degrees, respectively). This way promotes a slightly longer ball flight out of the trap.

Take the right set up

If you want to hit an effective shot from the bunker, take the right set up. Dig in your feet first and twist into the sand. Having a good base for the shot is vital as it will make you feel how deep the sand is around your shot.

For sand shots you face, play the ball off your front foot. The farther you hit the ball back, the lower trajectory the ball will take and the more it will run out. This is useful in some shots, but as a general rule, play the ball off your front foot. Keep in mind that golf is not a pitch and run. The shot is going to have a backspin.

The swing

When you are now dug in, with the ball forward in your stance, your weight on your front foot, and ready with your stance and clubface slightly open, it’s time to hit the shot. You need an outside-in swing path with a slight wrist hinge at the top. On how far back the ball can go will depend on how far you want the ball to fly. The swing path allows the ball to come out high and soft with the maximum control. You need to practice this swing until it feels natural so you can determine the yardages correctly.

The follow through

You need to follow through and stay down longer on sand shots. If you stop at impact, you chunk it. In a greenside bunker, you want to splash the ball out. To do this, you must have a steep swing and a high follow through. If you come up on it sooner, you’ll catch the shot thin and blade it.

One of the challenges for many golfers playing golf in Branson is when the golf ball lands on the sand. To gain confidence on your game, try to learn these golf tips so you hit a bunker shot like a pro.


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