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Golf Tips: Improving Your Accuracy

Date: 2019-01-05 12:00:00 am

Golf Tips: Improving Your Accuracy


Many of the golf enthusiasts playing golf in Branson have the goal to get an accurate golf shot. However, this goal looks dimmer for most players. Players are often seen lined up in front of the tee box at the first hole. But their concentration nor smashing the ball hard can’t guarantee the shot accuracy. By following certain things, it’s possible to achieve golf shot accuracy. But, remember the golden rule – the grip is not too tight. Here are some golf tips that can help improve your golf accuracy

Start with the right posture

The right posture is an important step to improving accurate shots. This is so important that needs to be in place even before you take a swing. Proper posture alignment and ball positioning are vital parts of playing golf and most importantly, they are necessary for the improvement of accurate shots. To get the right posture keep your back straight, flex your knees and bend at the hips. With this posture, it’ll be easy for you to rotate your body. If you want to become a great golfer, master the art of aiming and before you can aim correctly, you need a good posture.

playing golfIntermediate targets

Intermediate targets is one of the major steps to take towards achieving a better golf shot accuracy. Pick targets which are on the ground within a foot or two in front of your ball. The target can be a chip, a drive, or a putt. This will instantly help improve golf shot accuracy. Try to aim also at a dead spot, a divot or stick regardless of where you are on the golf course. Put a mark two feet away from your ball and try to hit the ball over that mark. This is much easier than attempting to hit the ball to a tiny hole that is 150 yards away.

Turn your upper body during the swing

Many of the golfers playing golf in Branson make the mistake of only lifting their arms during the backswing of an accurate shot. A back swing which involves just the arms will not yield desired result. But rather end up creating serious issues during impact. You need to turn upper body when you take the swing. To achieve this, allow your hands and arms swing away from the ball and follow it up with your shoulder and hips.

Consistently make contact

Making contact is another tip to improving consistent shots. You can make steady contact through a descending strike of the ball with your irons. A firm downward drive compresses the ball making a profound divot in front of it. During the making of this divot, your body and weight should shift toward your front at impact. This posture positions the bottom of your swing to the right where it ought to be – well forward.

If you are playing golf in Branson and trying to get better on this game, try to learn these golf tips as they can help improve your golf accuracy.


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