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Golf Tips: Using the Wind into Your Advantage

Date: 2018-02-06 12:00:00 am

Golf Tips: Using the Wind into Your Advantage


playing golf in BransonWhether you are a neophyte golfer or a professional one, you will always encounter a difficult situation when playing golf in Branson during windy days. If you play enough golf, you will in no doubt have to deal with the wind. Here you will know tips and tricks to help you navigate on windy days, as well as shed some light on some common misconceptions that many people believe about playing in the wind that might actually be the opposite of what you are supposed to do.
When hitting the ball into the wind, you should actually tee the ball up higher if you want to maximize distance. Teeing it higher will allow you to hit up through the ball and hit it higher on the face of the club. This creates a much lower spin rate and a shot that will bore well through the wind.
When hitting the ball into a crosswind, you will want to use the wind to your advantage here. Moving the ball with the wind, or in the same direction, leads to greater distance on the shot. While hitting the ball against the wind leads to straighter, more accurate shots, but also a loss in distance. Many of the golfers cannot curve the ball to any direction that they want with precision, so use the same guidelines as hitting into the wind to help you recognize what will happen to your shot.
Hitting the ball downwind, can be fun off the tee with all the extra distance, but a nightmare into the green. Hitting downwind from anywhere on the course reduces the effect of backspin and will cause the ball to land flatter both into the fairway and into the green. This means more carry on the shot and a lot more roll out. Consider this when determining where you want your shot to end up when hitting downwind.
Playing the ball in the back of your stance and hit down steeply can actually create more backspin and a higher shot, especially into the wind. It might start low, but the extra backspin will make the ball rise fast and lose distance even faster. The best way to do is – instead of playing the ball back in your stance, keep the ball position in the middle. Grab 1, 2 or maybe 3 clubs extra (depending on the strength of wind) and swing easier.
This will do three things for you: the lower loft will lower the trajectory of the shot. Mixing the lower loft with the lower swing speed will create lower spin, keeping the ball from rising fast. And thirdly, the swing is now much shorter so you can maintain a sturdy base and balance in the wind.
Wind affects putts as well, but not as much as you might think. Unless you are a great scratch player or a professional, there’s nothing to worry about wind affecting the roll of the ball when playing golf in Branson.



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